Pontiac: Post-race quotes

Jeremy McGrath: I am happy I made 20 laps. It has been a long struggle but I think this was a breakthrough race for me. I would like to congratulate Nate Dog (Nathan Ramsey); he rode good. I was behind Nathan and he went to the inside and lost...

Jeremy McGrath: I am happy I made 20 laps. It has been a long struggle but I think this was a breakthrough race for me. I would like to congratulate Nate Dog (Nathan Ramsey); he rode good. I was behind Nathan and he went to the inside and lost the front end and he fell on the inside and I was more on the inside of him and I was pinned. I couldn't do anything. I couldn't back up or anything so I was just waiting for him to get up. He got up once and he fell down again. There were three guys that went by. Ezra, Timmy and Roncada went by. I was like 'man, this is not good.' I was able to have a good race and keep the pace up till the end. I wish I could have tripled that section that I had done in the heat race by Ricky earlier because he was gaining on me for sure in that area. As soon as he passed me I started doing it right behind him. I don't know what I was thinking I should have tried it a little sooner I guess. It was good. We could definitely hear the crowd out there. We were mixing it up the whole time. That was a really fast paced 20 laps. It was interesting. When you were around a lot of guys there wasn't a lot of passing and there were a few ruts so as you could see there were guys landing and taking off sideways.

Ricky Carmichael: Congratulations to Nathan. That was a heck of a night for him. We got a couple of gifts given to us for sure with everyone crashing. The first thing I thought when I crashed was 'we are going to Vegas for sure now.' It was a stupid move on my part. I should have just been patient. I got a little too impatient. Ernie (Ernesto Fonseca) was holding me up a little bit, and I knew if I could get by him I could check out and ride smooth and try to win again. I made a stupid mistake and it was totally my fault and it bit me. Everybody crashed pretty much except Jeremy. The track was tough. I know what it takes to go 16 races you have to be calm and I think those guys were getting too anxious. Other than my second lap crash I think Jeremy and I were kind of just let everyone make mistakes and we caught up through the pack. I kept trying to move my visor because it was hitting me in the arm and stuff. It was a pain. This is the second time this happened to me (The helmet's visor broke in the crash). It happened to me in 2000. I was in the smoking section that time. It was a good race for me. That race tonight proved I want to be the champion worse than anybody.

Nathan Ramsey: I started (my career) a little bit later than everybody else but I think that helps me keep my passion for riding and practicing during the week. I don't know what to say. I want to congratulate all these guys, too. It feels great. There definitely were some gifts handed out there. I will take them. If they want to hand them to me next week that's OK too. It was kind of weird looking up and seeing Ricky looping out like that. As I was passing him I was thinking 'man, I am actually passing Ricky' but the only problem was he was running for his bike. He got up and he rode great. I kind of pinned Jeremy in that corner there so he didn't bother me too much more. I just tried to ride consistent. I was watching everybody and it seemed like everybody was making mistakes and couldn't decide where they wanted to go in a couple of sections. In the last few laps I felt great. I didn't have any arm pump. Everything was perfect and I could hear the crowd. I was hoping they would be quiet a little bit and quit hyping up whoever was coming behind me. The worst part was the whoops on the last lap. I had already seen three guys crash in front of me there. I went over the triple (before the whoops) and took a deep breath. I knew I couldn't go slow because whoever was behind me was coming fast.

Eric Sorby: Three races on the podium is good for me. I liked the track tonight. It was a little bit difficult because the whoops are so hard. Where I grew up (France) we don't have those whoops.

Chad Reed: Tonight the track was pretty tough. If you didn't get a good start it seemed like you could just get a little but caught up each lap. It was tough for me tonight. I didn't need that bad a start but it was a lot of fun coming through. I have Vegas to do, and I won the championship and that means the most to me. I have an outdoor test (for YZ250) Monday. Hopefully it will go well and I can ride my 250. It is pretty tough coming off a 4 stroke and getting on a 2 stroke. It feels like the thing rips your arms off.

Brandon Jesseman: The first few laps went by pretty fast. I didn't look back but I glanced at a couple spots on the track and noticed I had a lead. About halfway through the race I saw Chad (Reed) and knew I couldn't pace myself yet. I made a few mistakes and hit neutral in one turn and messed up through the whoops a few times but luckily nothing terribly wrong. I heard Chad coming (late in the race) and I was trying not to make mistakes in the whoops but I did and I just got through them the best that I could. I pushed as hard as I could without making mistakes and luckily I came away with the win. (Team manager Roger DeCoster) was really excited because he put so much time and effort into the team and the bikes. Everyone has been working so hard. I am so happy to give something back to them as well. It feels great.


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