Northeast Nationals Champions named

Path Valley Names Amateur Northeast Nationals Champions Spring Run, PA - Two Wheel Promotions awarded Number 1 bike tags to the top riders in the northeast at the conclusion of the AMA Northeast Amateur Nationals Saturday at the Path Valley ...

Path Valley Names Amateur Northeast Nationals Champions

Spring Run, PA - Two Wheel Promotions awarded Number 1 bike tags to the top riders in the northeast at the conclusion of the AMA Northeast Amateur Nationals Saturday at the Path Valley Speedway Park.

The awards were based on the riders' combined finishes in all three races in the AMA series - the Short Track held May 29, the Tourist Trophy scramble May 30, and the Half-Mile that rained out May 31 and was made up at Path Valley June 12.

Riders were awarded plaques, trophies and national honors for each of the three events and overall Northeast Championships and plates for the best combined finishes in all three.

Based on AMA grand national points, winners of each of the three feature races earned 23 points, with 19 points for second place, 16 for third, 15 for fourth, etc. Riders were permitted to enter up to three class events.

Several riders won all three of their features for perfect points scores of 69. Tops based on the number of competitors and number of wins was John Lewis V of Brandamore who won all three of his races in 250cc Mod 2-Stroke and all three in 450 Mod. He also won two out of three to take home the plate for the 505 Mod. Class. Cassidy Heiser of York won all three features in two classes. He won all the races in the 65 Modified class and then won all three features against stronger competition in the 65cc DTX class.

Joe Dohm of Red Lion bested a total of 9 riders in all three 40-plus Open features. Shayna Texter of Willow Street beat out four others for all three wins in the 85cc Mod. Events. Dylan Winsett of Bainbridge bested three other riders for all three feature wins in the 50cc PeeWee Shaft-drive events. Additional three-race champions included Austin Greenland of Spring Mills in 250 4-Stroke Mod., Cory Texter of Willow Street in 400 Mod., and Tyler Stacey of Akron in the 50cc Senior 7-8 class.

Produced by Two Wheel Promotions, the races for 28 classes of bikes and four-wheelers are recognized as official national amateur championships by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) and winners in eight premier classes are awarded travel assistance to the 2004 AMA Progressive Insurance Dirt Track Grand Championships at the Illinois State Fairgrounds June 27 through July 4. The 2004 Premier Classes are: 50cc Senior, 65cc Modified, 85cc 7-11 Modified, 250cc 2-Stroke Modified, 250cc 4-Stroke Modified, 450cc, 505cc Modified, and 30+ Open Singles.

The Path Valley Speedway Park is located in Spring Run PA a mile north on PA Route 641 from the intersection with PA Route 75, halfway between Port Royal and Hagerstown. It is five miles east from the Willow Hill Exit 14 of the PA Turnpike. The new phone number at the track is 717-349-7111. For information on the 2004 schedule and rules, race teams and fans can consult our website at or they can email Two Wheel Promotions at

2004 AMA Overall Northeast Amateur National Champions
(Top Five)

4-Wheel 2-Stroke -- Brian Riley, Dane Delancey, Matt Dice, Cory Buhrman, Thomas Naylor.

250 Mod 4-Stroke -- Austin Greenland, Dennis Flynn

400 Mod -- Corey Texter,

85 DTX 9-13 -- Patrick Jacobsen, Travis Wyman, Hayden Avery, Shayna Texter, Michael Johnson.

4-Wheel 4-Stroke -- Cory Buhrman, Dane Delancey, Matt Dice, Eric Jennings, Todd Brisson.

450 Mod -- John Lewis V, Richard Heverly, Kule Wyman, Cory Texter, Shane Narbonne.

Vet 30+ Singles -- Todd Kendig, Richard Mellinger, Joseph Dohm, David Smith, Kevin Varnes.

250 Mod 2-Stroke -- John Lewis V, Austin Greenland, Michael Radley, Kyle Wyman, Brandon Robinson.

4-Wheel Sportsman -- Dane Delancey, Brian Riley, Cory Buhrman, Matt Dice, Eric Jennings.

50 PW 4-8 -- Colton Smith, Kyle McGrane

50 Jr. 4-6 -- Kenneth Venarchic, Ryan Varnes

50 Sr. 7-8 -- Tyler Stacey, Colton Smith.

250 DTX -- Michael Radley, Brandon Robinson, Kyle Wyman, Adam Manseau, Alexander Guilbeault.

85 Mod 12-15 -- Shayna Texter, Cody Gillan, Evan Baer, Harley Webman, Brent Fetrow.

65 Mod 7-11 -- Cassidy Heiser, Andrew Johnston, Daniel Bromley.

505 Mod - John Lewis V, Jonathan Reid, Kyle Wegman, Robert Cazillo.

50 PW Shaft -- Dylan Winsett, Tristan Avery, Jeffrey Flasher, Kyle McGrane.

Sr. 40+ Open -- Joseph Dohm, Michael Keane, Mark Stambaugh, James Chapman, James Smith.

65 DTX 7-11 -- Cassidy Heiser, Dylan Winsett, Andrew Johnson, Daniel Bromley, Greg Betts.

500 2-Valve -- Cory Texter, James Chapman, Mark Stambaugh, Robert Cazillo, Neil Dancho.

18+ Open Twin -- Nicholas Taylor, John Winsett, Michael Keane.\

85 Mod 7-11 --Patrick Jacobsen, Hayden Avery, Travis Wyman, Derek Hersh, Michael Johnson

125 Mod -- Brandon Robinson, Austin Greenland, Michael Radley, Shayna Texter, Joey Parks.

600 Mod -- Todd Kendig, Joe Bromley, Vince Bower, Kris Weiss.

Sportsman -- Dennis Flynn, Donald Mullen II, Rick Winsett Jr., Bryan Douglas, Chris Klinefelter.

Pro Sport -- Mark Fillebrown.

500 Pro -- Richard Winsett, Bryan Douglas, Kevin Varnes, Jared Mees, Shawn Baer.


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