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EA SPORTS Supercross Round 16, Las Vegas, Sam Boyd Stadium Rider Quotes Sebastien Tortelli: It was muddy in practice but for the race the guys did a great job with the track. The track was pretty tricky, very slick. It was pretty good ...

EA SPORTS Supercross Round 16, Las Vegas, Sam Boyd Stadium
Rider Quotes

Sebastien Tortelli: It was muddy in practice but for the race the guys did a great job with the track. The track was pretty tricky, very slick. It was pretty good conditions. In rain you don't know what to expect. Everything can go good or everything can go bad. You need to get a good start. You cannot prepare for a mud race. You just have to be ready for it and try to get a good jump out of the gate. We never practice supercross in the mud. (We practice) on regular days so it's hard to come here and be confident. For outdoors I feel really good. We have been testing a lot. The bike is running great. Honda has stepped it up a lot this year and I feel really good.

David Vuillemin: Even without my injury it would have been really, really tough because look at the races, Ricky won a lot of them. I felt good this year. It is good because I know what I need to work on for next year. I didn't feel pressure last week because even before this race my second place (in the series) was secure. I just came here, and everybody was talking about the rain and I feel some pressure because a lot of people were expecting me to do well in the mud. I showed tonight I have the speed and I had a little trouble with lappers like every week. Hopefully next week I will do better. (When Ricky got by) I got stuck in a rut on a double. I went into it and jumped sideways and he passed me. I tried my best to stay with Ricky. It was a great race. My bike worked great today. Last year we knew what we changed because we had experience. I think last year helped us a lot and we changed it just the way we changed it last year. I was really happy with it. Outdoors will be a new season. A lot of people will be motivated because they did not do well in supercross and I think this year is going to be really fast.

Ricky Carmichael: The bike was awesome all year. When I crashed at Anaheim everyone thought 'oh the Honda is no good' but those guys have been in a drought for a long time and they put in the effort. From the outside looking in I am sure you guys can tell. It was tough. I had a good time racing Cobra this year. We still have 12 outdoors and 1 supercross this year. I gained a lot of respect for him. There were not too many guys riding clean this year. Everyone kind of got into a thing where they were riding a little on the aggressive side and it seems like Cobra, myself and Jeremy were the three guys that really weren't getting into it. My hat is off to Cobra he rode an excellent season for sure. I kind of had an elevation headache all weekend I feel like I am getting a cold but other than that it wasn't too bad. One thing in my decision to ride a Honda was that before I signed my contract I rode it and I felt a little safer and I didn't have to push it as much as I did on my Kawasaki. There were times when I had to hang it out this year because David was on my tail. There were times when the bike is good. I didn't have to ride it with much effort. Like tonight, for a while there I was pulling away and I really wasn't riding that hard in the main event. Then Cobra started inching up at the end. The harder I rode I still wasn't getting better lap times so I just stayed the same the whole moto. The bike is definitely stable for me. As a rider that is the ultimate goal to go fast and stay healthy. Last year was probably a little tougher mentally because I didn't know what to expect and what to do. This year it was not as tough mentally because I knew what I had to do, but physically is was tougher because of what I came from at the first race and nursing an injury for a few weeks. I got a holeshot tonight. I needed it tonight and I didn't even use my hook. Everyone is using them but I am still not convinced on them. I think I was just using them the last 4 to 6 weeks because everyone else was. I don't know if I am 100% sure on those things. I didn't use it tonight and I got both holeshots. I don't know. It wigs me out. Sometimes I will use it in a heat raced and not in a main.

Travis Preston: It sunk in right when I crossed the finish. I just thought 'I just got second place.' I am sure I will feel good tomorrow. I was such a head case right after Dallas. I couldn't sleep the whole night after Dallas. That was such a weird race. I never expected that and I was ten points ahead. (During the week) I just did my same routine and it worked out OK. The track was really slick, I sucked in practice. In my heat race I rode a little bit better and the track was pretty good for how much rain we got. I just got a good start in the main and rode my own race. Mud is funny sometimes you do really good and sometimes you fall over. Weird things happen in the mud. I was just going to go in ride the best I could. Luckily the track was awesome. I can't believe how good the track ended up. I can't wait till next week. I was so nervous all last week. Now next week I can just go to Vegas and have a good time and hopefully do good. The race went really fast. I heard someone behind me so I just kept charging and trying to go as fast as I could. Once I got by myself I started playing cautious and all of a sudden I saw the white flag and I just kind of rolled everything the last lap. Last year wasn't too good and this year I won the first race, then I got like 5th, then I had a really bad race. Then I started to pick it up a little toward the end of the series. Then every race got better and better. I would have never thought this would happen. I just go race by race. I don't know it's kind of unbelievable. (The big difference from last year) is probably my bike. My bike is really fast. Last year when I came here I didn't jump the triples. I doubled both triples and I barely jumped the finish. This year I was jumping everything.

James Stewart: In the first 4 races I got 2 seconds and 2 wins. It looked like I had it locked up and in the last 3 or 4 races I started getting too confident. I came here to Salt Lake and put everything behind me. I knew (Preston) was going to be tough. He won the first race and the guy is awesome. He is real consistent and that was my problem this year. He deserves to win. (After Dallas) my week was normal. I just had to keep my head up otherwise I would be bummed out. I am still happy. I won the last race and came out on top. It's a bummer I didn't win the championship. The track was actually good. I like the ruts. I am lucky that it dried up. I have a lot of confidence going into Vegas and the outdoor season. I think I can win both.

Danny Smith: I just wanted to come here tonight, like every race, and give it all I have. This is something to build on. It was technical out there. Last week I crashed and didn't make the final. (In the mud) I knew what to expect and I knew I had to get a good start.


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