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Busy Day for Monster Energy Kawasaki at High Point Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki's Christophe Pourcel earned his second overall win of the season as he went 1-1 at High Point Raceway in Mt. Morris, Penn. Tyla Rattray finished 5-4 which was...

Busy Day for Monster Energy Kawasaki at High Point

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki's Christophe Pourcel earned his second overall win of the season as he went 1-1 at High Point Raceway in Mt. Morris, Penn. Tyla Rattray finished 5-4 which was good enough for fourth overall. Jake Weimer had a rough day going 26-33. In the 450 class, Monster Energy Kawasaki's Ricky Dietrich finished sixth overall in the first leg of two races this weekend. Dietrich is also racing the WORCS event in Toutle, Wash.

Top of the Box
Pourcel continued his streak of winning the first moto, once again besting the field at High Point. Pourcel got a great jump out of the gate and steadily pulled out to a comfortable lead. In the second moto, Pourcel got out of the gate well, but this time settled in behind Trey Canard for nearly all of the 30 minutes plus two lap moto. Pourcel continued to pressure Canard eventually getting by and taking the overall win.

"It was fast today," said Pourcel. "In the second moto I was focused on (Trey) Canard and tried to pass him, but I didn't find a way. Every time he made a mistake, I would make a mistake. Then with two laps to go I was on the gas and he made a mistake and I'm sad that he crashed. I wasn't really thinking about anyone behind me. I just wanted to win to get the overall and points lead."

Proving Himself
Dietrich came to High Point hoping to prove his results at Freestone weren't a fluke, and the 21-year-old rider did just that scoring a sixth place overall.

"This race was important to me," said Dietrich. "I wanted to back-up my results from last week. I think that is why I rode tight in the first moto. Once I just relaxed, I started riding a good pace and I started passing people. I think getting sixth overall this week, after the top five last week, shows I have the speed to be competitive out here."

Getting Comfortable
Rattray continues to ride well in his first season in the United States. The 2008 MX2 World Champion has earned three top-five finishes in four races this season.

"It is getting good," said Rattray. "I was really happy with my Kawasaki this weekend. It was running really well and we have a very good setting for this course. I just need to keep working on my turns. That is where I'm losing time to Christophe (Pourcel) and (Ryan) Dungy. I have to keep working hard and it will come my way soon. Today is a confidence boost for the rounds coming up."

On the Mend
During the last four races, Pourcel has battled stomach problems after the first moto. The illness stems from Pourcel's serious injury in 2007.

"My health was the same this weekend," said Pourcel. "I'm still having some problems with my stomach, but I have a new doctor. I started with her on Monday so I expect to see some results in the next couple of weeks." Getting in the Groove Dietrich got a good start in the first moto and was steadily moving up through the field before sliding out just after the finish line. After a quick pause, Dietrich was back on the bike and regained all of the positions he lost and more to finish eighth in the first moto.

"I got a good start in the first moto," said Dietrich. "I was in about 10th, but I got behind some guys and just got into their rhythm. I wasn't riding well at all. I was going along and tried to pass Josh (Hill), but I slid out. That kind of woke me up and got me out of my funk and I started riding the way I should. I passed some guys and got a top-10 finish."

No Place Like Home
The forest-like setting in Mt. Morris brought some good memories to Rattray as the track felt more like the European courses he is used too.

"The track had a little bit of European style," said Rattray. "It had a bit of rocks and it reminded me of tracks in France and Italy. It was a lot of fun today."

Long Way to Go
Dietrich's second moto started slow as he got caught behind a crash on the start straight and came through the first turn in 34th place. Not one to quit, Dietrich rode an amazing two laps moving up to 14th before settling into a smooth rhythm and steadily working his way into ninth spot by the checkered flag.

"I didn't get a good jump off the gate," said Dietrich. "Then a couple of guys went down in front of me and I think they were the only ones who were behind me. I just kept finding good lines and made a great charge to get into the top 10."

Rough Day
Weimer's day started with a bang as he nailed the holeshot in the first moto and then rode more than half the moto in second place. His day turned quickly as the high-speed track got the best of him multiple times during both motos.

"I got the holeshot in the first moto," said Weimer. "I was running second and feeling pretty good. I fell, but was able to stay in second. Then I fell again a couple of laps later and went back to fifth. I fell one last time so it wasn't that great of a day. The second moto was kind of the same as I fell again. I'm hurting right now.

Split Lip
Early in the second moto, Pourcel caught a rock in the mouth, splitting his lip open. The French rider continued to get roosted as he battled with Canard for the lead. He had to continue looking for different lines to avoid the flying rocks.

Busy Body
Dietrich's day in Mt. Morris was just the beginning of a long weekend as he began a quest to race the High Point National on Saturday followed by the WORCS Round in Toutle, Wash. more than 2,100 miles away on Sunday.

"I don't think doing both races this weekend will be too tough," said Dietrich. "I have some experience from the International Six Day Enduro where we race a lot more than I will be this weekend. I will say the WORCS race was on my mind in the second moto so I set my pace knowing I was racing the next day."

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