Formula Xtreme class structure will not change

Daytona 200 to be opening round of Formula Xtreme Series PICKERINGTON, Ohio (Aug. 13, 2004) -- AMA Pro Racing announced today that the class structure for the 2005 AMA Chevrolet Superbike Championship will remain unchanged.

Daytona 200 to be opening round of Formula Xtreme Series

PICKERINGTON, Ohio (Aug. 13, 2004) -- AMA Pro Racing announced today that the class structure for the 2005 AMA Chevrolet Superbike Championship will remain unchanged. Additionally, it was announced that the 2005 Daytona 200 will feature Formula Xtreme machinery.

The class structure for the 2005 championship remains as follows:

Superbike: 901-1000cc four-stroke, two or more cylinders

Supersport: 0-600cc four-stroke, multi-cylinder

Formula Xtreme: 450cc-600cc four-stroke, multi-cylinder; 595cc-750cc four-stroke, liquid-cooled, twin-cylinder; 850cc-1350cc four-stroke, air-cooled, twin-cylinder

Superstock: 745cc-1000cc four-stroke, multi-cylinder

The current class structure was enacted beginning with the 2004 racing season and is expected to remain in place at least through the 2006 racing season. Proposed 2005 rule changes were announced on July 25 and are currently subject to a 30-day comment period. AMA Pro Racing credential holders can make comments on AMA Pro Racing's RIDERS ONLY website at

The Daytona 200, formerly part of the AMA Superbike Championship, will now utilize Formula Xtreme equipment. According to Scott Hollingsworth, AMA Pro Racing CEO, this change is being made in response to many of the concerns that have arisen regarding Daytona. "Daytona is a unique place and requires a unique approach. At the same time, Daytona and the Daytona 200 are treasured icons in the racing world," said Hollingsworth. "To keep that event viable while acknowledging the realities posed by modern, 1000cc Superbikes, we will run the Daytona 200 as a Formula Xtreme race. AMA Superbikes will continue at Daytona but now as a sprint race, consistent with the rest of the Superbike events that comprise our championship."

Hollingsworth stated that the future direction of the Daytona 200 has been discussed for some time and has included input from manufacturers, riders, team principals, tire companies, as well as Daytona International Speedway and International Speedway Corporation. "In meetings dating back to last year, it became clear that a course change and reducing sustained speeds of the 200 were two primary areas that needed addressing," said Hollingsworth. "There were many innovative ideas put forth but the notion of running Formula Xtreme machinery in the 200 while still showcasing Superbikes was the one idea that had the most merit. From a marketing standpoint, the winners of either race earn plenty of bragging rights because a 200 mile win or a Superbike victory at Daytona are tremendous accomplishments. Another option that was given strong consideration was that of racing Supersport bikes in the 200. However, it's no secret that Formula Xtreme equipment may one day form the basis for Superbikes. This possible 'peek into the future' was the ultimate factor in determining the best long-term solution."

Hollingsworth stated that these changes, as well as the track reconfiguration that was jointly announced yesterday by AMA Pro Racing and Daytona International Speedway, are examples of the responsiveness shared by both organizations. "Together we have examined the issues, listened to all viewpoints and created a strong direction for the future," summarized Hollingsworth.

Along with the Daytona AMA Superbike race and Daytona 200, AMA Supersport and AMA Superstock events will also be featured during Daytona Bike Week beginning on Wednesday, March 9, 2005.

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