Daytona Sunday quotes 2002-03-03

Expert Formula 40 Rick Shaw (No. 79 Spectro Suzuki) - "I put my head down early. I knew the wind would come into play. It was really playing tricks on us, but we changed our gearing by two teeth, which is unheard of, but it proved to be the hot...

Expert Formula 40

Rick Shaw (No. 79 Spectro Suzuki) - "I put my head down early. I knew the wind would come into play. It was really playing tricks on us, but we changed our gearing by two teeth, which is unheard of, but it proved to be the hot set-up."

Lockhart-Phillips Unlimited Superbike (Leg One)

Larry Pegram (No. 72 Hooters Suzuki) - "Eric Wood came in and ran through the grass and we all had to shut off. That's when Shawn (Higbee) and (Lee) Acree got away. We all had to shut off and wait for the guy cause if you run off in the grass you usually fall. We all lost two seconds right there. We're having some HP (horsepower) problems."

Lee Acree (No. 84 Arclight Suzuki) - "I got out front and then Shawn (Higbee) got back by me. There for a couple of laps I was able to have little bit of a carrot, but Shawn was just too quick for me. My crew worked really hard and got the bike working well, but Shawn's just too quick here. I tried to race Shawn to help me pull away from everybody and it worked out."

Shawn Higbee (No. 1 KWS Suzuki) - (On breaking away from the pack halfway through the race) "That really wasn't my game plan. I know how the draft works here and I didn't know if I could do it or not. At the beginning there were a lot more people running in that bunch than I figured there would be and it made me a little nervous. I just sat back and tried to play a little strategy. When I saw Barney (Michael Barnes) pull in there, everybody sort of lost there drive and I put my head down and turned in a couple of good laps and was able to break the draft. I didn't feel we had really peaked yet and we are still finding the potential of the bike."

Eric Wood (No. 4 14K the Movie Suzuki) - "We had a little bit of transmission difficulty and I was just trying to work through it. I've got to take off my hat to Shawn. It seems like he has used covered right now. I'm just going to have to regroup, come back and put it on the box in leg two. I made a little mistake getting wide in the first horseshoe and that helped them get the gap."

Lockhart-Phillips Unlimited Superbike (Leg Two)

Shawn Higbee (No. 1 KWS Suzuki) - "You had to temper your aggression in the rain. I just tried to take my time and gradually move up. It would have been nice to try to get by Eric (Wood) for second, but I think we're in good shape with our finishes today. It sets us up well for the rest of the series, so I'm happy."

Eric Wood (No. 4 14K the Movie Suzuki) - "It was so good to race up there with Scott (Greenwood, who ran second most of the race, but finished fourth). We've raced against each other for years. My bike was very good in the rain and I felt confident that I could put it wherever I wanted."

Michael Barnes (No. 34 Hooters Suzuki) - "It was great for us to come out of here with a win. I wish I could have gotten more points, but it goes that way sometimes. Even though a lot of people say I'm a good rain rider, I still can't say that I enjoy it."

Buell Lightning Series

Anthony Fania (No. 51 Buell) - "I thought I might be able to work up to the front, but then it got interesting because I looked back and a lot of guys were coming up behind me and it really got tough."

Bryan Bemisderfer (No. 98 Buell)- "I think he (Michael Barnes) was lying back for a little while taking a break. I was hoping he wouldn't look back and see me coming up. I think by the time I caught him he was a little surprised, but he was still in control. I was hoping I could get a little drive coming out of the chicane. I guess I got it about as close as you can. I think anybody else on this bike would have won this thing, but with a 210 lbs. farm boy it doesn't like to come out on the straightaway like that."

Michael Barnes (No. 1 Kosco Harley-Davidson Buell) - "I just had a better bike today. I had a really stiff set-up (suspension) and we didn't soften it up for the rain and we really should have. I'm really glad I pulled that out by the skin of my teeth. It came right down to the line and I barely made it."

NRRS Sportbike

Michael Barnes (No. 34 Hooters Suzuki) - "I was disappointed Owen had the problems that he did because he would have been right up there with us. Good for Jeff, he rode an awesome race. Three for three in the winner's circle is a good day."

Jeff Wood (No. 19 Penguin Racing School Suzuki) - "It took me a few laps to get the feel for it (riding in the rain). I was little tentative at first, but we got comfortable and brought it home. I got into a few slides, but my Dunlop tires worked great and everything went smooth."

Owen Weichel (No. 4&6 Cycle Kawasaki) - (Explaining that his face shield fogged up in the wet conditions) "I really feel bad I let these guys down. I normally have a breath guard and I didn't bring it here this weekend, I wasn't expecting the rain. This bike was a race winner. I was sliding it sideways in the chicane and I love riding in the rain, but I just couldn't see. Barney's been riding real good this weekend. He's obviously won two races and he had the track really dialed, but I saw where I was a little bit stronger and I saw that Wood was coming up so I just wanted to try and make a break."


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