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Chevy Trucks Superbike Qualifying Quotes Nicky Hayden (No. 69 American Honda) "All things considered I feel really good. I don't know if you saw that on T.V., but it was so big (the crash), I can't believe I'm O.K. I was going through the air...

Chevy Trucks Superbike Qualifying Quotes

Nicky Hayden (No. 69 American Honda)

"All things considered I feel really good. I don't know if you saw that on T.V., but it was so big (the crash), I can't believe I'm O.K. I was going through the air thinking, 'God, this is gonna hurt.' I even remembered thinking 'I can't believe I haven't hit the ground yet.' I'm lucky to be all right.

"Mainly it's my fingers (on his right hand) and my foot (left foot) that hurt the worst. It's weird because I was on my out lap. I wasn't even on my real lap yet. You've gotta go really slow on the out lap or your qualifying tire won't make it. I went into the chicane and I went left and as soon as I tipped it back right the thing came around and threw me over. The guy (EMT) asked me what day it was and I told him, 'Up to now it was the best day of my life.' Like I said you saw it - considering how high I flew and stuff I'm happy to just be here.

"My fingers are all O.K. expect the ligaments and my foot, they x-rayed it and they said they are going to send it to the radiologist to just make sure it's O.K. They think it's really O.K. My side…… I don't know if I landed on my side? They said I may have slid across some tiger teeth. Maybe that's why my side hurts so bad."

ON WHAT HE PLANS TO DO ABOUT RACING IN THE 600 SUPERSPORT RACE TOMORROW "I'm just going to wait and see how I feel in the morning. The main problem is my middle finger and that's the one you use most in braking, especially in the 600 race you know, brake are so important. They gave me some anti-inflammatory (medicine) and I'll see how I feel.

"To be on pole is really cool, but now I'm just hoping I can ride and am looking forward to the race. All things considered it's really nice to be one the pole."

IS HE SURPRISED ON HOW FAST THE TIMES WERE IN QUALIFYING? "Yeah, I really was. My first lap felt good, but it didn't feel that fast you know, I was just trying to be smooth. I was surprised. I thought 47s, but I didn't think 47.1. The Dunlop tires are just so good. You can get one full lap easily - last year you really had to milk it to get a full lap."

Kurtis Roberts (No. 80 Team Erion Honda)

"I was happy with it. But I much rather give up first guy in history to be in 47s and let someone else have it and go in the second qualifying session. I like being in the second one a bit better because you know what you have to beat and if anyone else goes faster in your session, the clock is at zero. You know what you can do and you know what's capable of being done on the tires and the racetrack. I was just out there trying to get a front row start. That's what we were geared towards. We were still working on the race setup at the beginning of qualifying. The main thing and the goal was to get on the front row. The time I did was unexpected especially since I wasn't pushing that hard. The fastest I've ever gone around here was a 49.1. I was quite happy with what we've done. The team has worked well. We've got a pretty good race setup and we have another day and a half to work on it."

"I don't know if I could've gone under the time Nicky and Miguel did. I know I could've gone faster. I had another qualifier I didn't use. You don't know what to go for because you're the only doing it. I messed up every qualifier through the infield at least one or two corners. I did everything I could. I'm not to worried about it. I'm in good shape for the race."

Anthony Gobert (No. 21 Yamaha) "I just choose to go at by myself. I was kind of kicking myself at the end because I did a 1:48.8 and Kurtis was already in 1:47.6 or something like that. I didn't think I had any hope of getting near him and then when I did the 48.0 I was kind of kicking myself because I should've got a draft and I could've been close to that. I did the best that I could. I feel happy with what we did. We got on the front row."

"My bike is setup more for a draft. In qualifying, the winds, my bike was struggling to pickup top gear and I knew I was losing quite a bit of time because of that. My bike is setup more for a draft. Obviously, I think it's going to be tough to beat the Hondas, but as we know in 200 miles anything can happen. So we're going to do the best we can and hopefully something happens to the Hondas."

Aaron Yates (No. 20 Yoshimura Suzuki)

"That was pretty quick for us. That's the fastest we've been around here. I've been taking my time getting up to speed. The bike is getting more and more comfortable for me. I was hoping to be a little closer to those guys, but it all comes down to tires. There's a couple of different tires going around out there and I don't know who has got what. All I can say is we got the Yoshimura Suzuki going good and the race ought to be good for us."

Eric Bostrom (No. 32 Kawasaki) "Basically we're still working on the bike. We didn't even want to put Qs (qualifying tires) on since the bike isn't where we want it to be, but you've got to do it in case it rains tomorrow. The biggest issue is that we have to make up time in the infield to have any chance and right now we're not doing it and that's why we haven't got the times that we need."

Miguel Duhamel (No. 17 Honda) "I think I should get a prize for the most improved lap time of the day."

ON THE FINAL LAP "It was really nice. I was talking to my girlfriend and she's telling me 46. I'm looking at her saying, 'girls don't know nothing about racing. All right baby, sure.' I went out there and I truly believe I can pull out a 46 on my RC51 right now. I'm really excited about it. The bike worked really well."


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