Daytona: Post-race quotes

Daytona 200 By Arai champion Mat Mladin, rider of the No. 66 Suzuki "We scored some points. We had a good run. We managed to win the race. It was a good week for us. We knew we couldn't do it with two pit stops. The lap times were going to drop...

Daytona 200 By Arai champion Mat Mladin, rider of the No. 66 Suzuki

"We scored some points. We had a good run. We managed to win the race. It was a good week for us. We knew we couldn't do it with two pit stops. The lap times were going to drop off too much at the end. It was quicker for us to do another pit stop than stay out for those last few laps. That's what we decided to do."

Second-place finisher Jake Zemke, rider of the No. 98 Honda

"I'm sitting there going into Turn 1 after getting the white flag and radioed my crew chief and said, 'How come do I feel like a sitting duck?' That last lap must have been a two-minute lap. I parked it in the horseshoe and I was waiting for him to go and he was waiting for me to go. Well, since he towed me all the way around I might as well lead him out of the chicane. Luckily, it worked out. He came down low and I got the thing high and actually got it sideways. It was exciting."

Third-place finisher Miguel Duhamel, rider of the No. 17 Honda

"It went good. It's a 200-mile race. You can see how hard it is and the attrition it took on some really good riders. I was just trying to avoid that attrition and do the best I can. It's a really difficult race. I was pushing really hard and trying to stay in there. They had a different stop strategy than Mat did. I was trying to go fast but not trying to burn up my tires. In the end, we were six seconds short."

On trying to catch Mladin

"I put my head down and we had radio communication. Jake and I were supposed to help each other try to get up to Mat. I did the big portion of that work. For four laps, we were in the 50s. That's basically when I signed the check for third place. The rear tire was pretty gone."

Fourth place finisher Jack Pfeifer, rider of the No. 77 Suzuki:

"It's just awesome. I was hoping for a top 10, but fourth is fantastic. Last year we were in the top 10 but we had a problem with the bike -- a throttle position sensor went bad two-thirds through the race. Everything just went perfect today. We had a tire get a little loose on our second tire, but we came in and changed it, it didn't come loose until the right time. We changed it, and had just enough to go the distance. The fuel light came on just as I crossed the finish line. I looked up at the board, but I didn't believe it. I figured there had to be somebody out with 177, or it was 78 and the lines went out, something was not lit up. I felt that can't be right, and I kept going my own pace, and it worked out pretty well."

Fifth place finisher Lee Acree, rider of the No. 45 Empire Racing Suzuki:

"This was my first Daytona 200, and hopefully, we won't go anywhere but up from here. I feel pretty good about taking a Superstock motorcycle and coming out and running consistent times, staying out of trouble, and everything ran perfect. Nothing went dramatically wrong. We ran a sprint front tire and made it go the whole 200 miles. It was there late in the race, the tire was incredible."

Sixth place Ricky Orlando, rider of the No. 12 Suzuki

"I didn't think I was going to pick it back up and keep riding after I went down. I picked it up, everything was working, I took off on a cautious lap, and then I picked it back up. I was pretty amazed, number one, that I fell down, but number two, that we continued and finished sixth. I've done this long enough to know towards the end to put it on cruise and make sure we' re there at the end, because that first miscue, it didn't look like we were going to finish this race."

Eighth place finisher Opie Caylor, rider of the No. 47 Empire Racing Suzuki

"Our strategy was to run the same front tire. It might have slowed us a little at the end, but 57 laps on one Pirelli front tire, and only to have the pace drop off a second or two. We had great stops, 50 second stops with no quick-change stuff. We settled down and tried to do consistent laps. We came in eighth and fifth, what a debut for Empire Racing, Lee Acree and myself, in my first Daytona 200."

14th place finisher Frank Trombino, rider of the No. 561 Yamaha

"This was my first Daytona 200, and I learned a lot today. This has got to be one of the hardest races of my career."

26th-place finisher Eric Bostrom, rider No. 32 Ducati

"Looks like maybe we punctured an oil cooler. There are so many rocks and pebbles on the circuit. I was pretty fortunate to keep it upright. Tough luck. it was really a good race and I'm pretty disappointed."

27th-place finisher Larry Pegram, rider No. 72 Yamaha

"I think our brake broke. Something on the bike came loose and they're trying to fix it just to get back out and get some points."

30th-place finisher Ben Bostrom, rider No. 155 Honda

"I might have broke something inside the clutch on the starting line. When I did the start I definitely heard kind of a snap. I did a real aggressive start and eased back into it. The bike ran fine, it was wonderful out there, I thought we had this thing in the bag, now I'll cheer on my brother. When I came in on the pit stop, I think I did a real aggressive restart to jump back out there and try and shave off another couple of seconds and I must have finished the job."


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