Daytona: Friday qualifying, race quotes

SuperSport Aaron Yates (No. 20 Yoshimura Suzuki) ON THE WINNING PASS INTO THE CHICANE "I just got a really good run on them once on the backstraight with a couple laps to go. I figured this is as good as a chance as I'm going to get. I went as...

Aaron Yates (No. 20 Yoshimura Suzuki)

ON THE WINNING PASS INTO THE CHICANE "I just got a really good run on them once on the backstraight with a couple laps to go. I figured this is as good as a chance as I'm going to get. I went as hard as I could through the chicane and through the infield on the (final) lap and the chicane again. I really thought someone would get a run on me coming through the chicane the last time. The bike sounded a little flat. I thought somebody was right there. I tucked in and I just held it wide open."

YOU SEEMED TO COME OUT OF NOWHERE "This race is 18 laps. That's a fairly long race for a Supersport. A lot of things happen. Last year, I led a lot of the race. I was right there in front and I got shuffled back and I didn't want that to happen this year."

Nicky Hayden (No. 69 Honda)
"I really enjoyed that race. Sometimes the Supersport race at Daytona is so close and so hairy it's not even fun until it's over, but this race I was having fun. I felt really good in the infield and my bike was running really fast. It's definitely the fastest bike I've had at Daytona in the last couple of years. I could draft by guys a lot easier than I ever could. I led a lot. The last lap, I didn't see Aaron until the last lap. I was in a pretty good spot. I think I was going to be second going into the chicane. Kurtis went around me and getting on the banking, I got a good run and then he got sideways. I think he hit the wall. I had to shut off for a second. I didn't know which way he was going to go. Then, I just tried to get tucked in. I'm happy for Aaron. He deserves it."

Jamie Hacking (No. 2 Yoshimura Suzuki)
"There's no way to say this is the best race of the season. You can take them back to 1995 and 96 and they've always been like this. There awesome. I've been everywhere up here at Daytona in the Supersport. I've led the thing coming out of the chicane. I've been fifth, I've been fourth and I've been third and yes I'm still coming up short winning this thing. I'm not going to give up. I'm going to win it one of these years and it might be next year."

Kurtis Roberts (No. 80 Erion Honda)
"I had it covered until coming out of the chicane. I got on the throttle a little too early and hit some bumps with my front end. It upset the bike and I tried to stay on the gas, but it got loose and almost high-sided me into the wall."

Miguel Duhamel (No. 17 American Honda)
"My bike wasn't the fastest in the field, but it was fast enough to win. At the end some bad moves were made and unfortunately I got caught up in that. There were no team tactics. I knew going into the chicane on the last lap that Yates was too far in front. Kurtis and I bumped and then we were side-by-side and opened a truck-sized hole in the air for Jamie (Hacking). Everyone was riding for themselves, not that that is necessarily wrong, but it was just a flawed strategy (for the Honda riders)."

MBNA 250 Grand Prix Qualifying
Jason DiSalvo (No. 40 Cruise America Honda) "I feel immensely taxed. The foot didn't really start hurting until after the race. It's like when the adrenaline stops flowing, that's when the body's natural pain killers are gone and that's when it really starts to hurt."

Genuine Suzuki Accessories Superstock Quotes
Jimmy Moore (No. 1 Suzuki) "I can't believe I won this. I look back at it, I can't figure out how it happen." 203

WHAT WAS WRONG WITH THE BIKE "No idea. None whatsoever. Going into the chicane on the last lap, I was just tip-toeing going in there. Everybody could behind me could see I was sliding. Coming out, I thought somebody was going to draft me and I look back to see who it was and it was Jordan. I pinned him up against the wall accidently, but I let him go by, rolled out of the gas, got back on it and just drafted him to the line and kept my fingers crossed that wouldn't slide out on oil."

Jordan Swoke (No. 101 Suzuki)
I've ridden Harleys, I've ridden RCs before that. I've haven't been on a four-cylinder in a long time. I haven't been a production tire in over two years. I wasn't sure what to expect this weekend. I wanted to come over and get a good start to the season. Right off the bat we were flying. The Suzukis were unbelievable all weekend.

TALK ABOUT THE FINAL LAPS "For two laps he was covering my face and bike with oil. I kind of backed off the pace a little bit. I didn't want to back it off to much because I knew Barney was there. I just tried to stay with the smoke and I knew what corners he was smoking more. I knew I was going to catch him on the banking but I didn't know I was going to catch him that fast. I tried to go high and he was looking back and going high at the same time and pinching off into the wall totally by mistake. He had to roll out of it therefore I lost the great drive I had. Unfortunately, he drafted by me at the start/finish line. I really thought I had won and I thought Barney was beside me. I thought Jimmy was out of the picture because he had backed off.

Michael Barnes (No. 124 Suzuki)
"I am real pleased to be up on the podium at the Daytona. We've worked real hard. You think you're setup from last week would be the same this week, but it rarely turns out that way. Things keep on changing. We just keep on chasing them and work the bugs out. We just really didn't get them worked out until qualifying yesterday.

Larry Pegram (No. 172 Suzuki)
"I don't think I went to hard at the beginning, just a tire issue about halfway through. We just had a problem with the front. We've just been running around this weekend. It's the first weekend for me on these tires. We really didn't test that many tires and probably should have."


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