Daytona 200 post-race quotes

Winner Miguel Duhamel , No. 17 Honda, "I knew that they were running good, Kurtis and those guys. I knew I could draft past one guy, but I didn't want to be behind two and I was behind two. So I thought ok I've got to do this right. Kurtis came...

Winner Miguel Duhamel , No. 17 Honda,

"I knew that they were running good, Kurtis and those guys. I knew I could draft past one guy, but I didn't want to be behind two and I was behind two. So I thought ok I've got to do this right. Kurtis came by and he was giving himself a little too much of a run. Obviously he was trying to do it for his own win. But I thought he was a little too far, so I used him, got a draft, got by with Ben. Ben got a draft around a lapped rider. Just when I split Ben came back on me and it was really jarring me. I moved over and I thought 'oh, no, Kurtis is getting the double draft, watch that guy go around us.' But it held off. I was really saving my tires and I think that's what made a difference at the end. This is so sweet. I was thinking the whole race 'just stay in the race, stay focused, stay out there.' It was 57 laps of just full on concentration. This has got to be one of my sweetest (wins) because there were three guys on the end. There was nothing decided. There was not just one guy against one guy.

"I was feeling really good out there. My energy obviously was real high. My second stint I had a four second lead at one point. I thought I was going to start pulling away and win like I did in 1991. But couldn't do it. The tires were coming in a little too hot."

"It looked like I was getting Ben, but I was fearing for Kurtis to come around and get our double draft. When I finally crossed the line and won, 'I was like holy cow, I just won again.' I was so happy. It's so hard to win this race. It's just so hard and I'm so pleased."

Second-place finisher Ben Bostrom, No. 155 Honda

"I tried going into the chicane, I thought they were right behind me, so I downshifted into first to try and throw them off a little bit. Then I really tried to accelerate and get a good drive on the exit there. We didn't have much tire left. It just didn't pan out. The guys rode really well and set me up perfectly. If I had to take it over I'd just try and get through it the best I could and get a little more engine speed and hope that would give us a couple thousands to win this thing. Miguel has got a lot of tenacity and put it up front. You learn a lot from these kind of things. I'm looking forward to the season.

We took off on that first tire and I didn't get through the traffic so good. I saw the boys kind of getting away from me there. Big thanks to my guys, we had great pit stops. Basically it came down to the third tire with the rest of these guys. That was the deal. Kurtis was real strong. He had about the same tire I had on. Miguel was just back there waiting for us ready to pounce. These guys let me lead on the last lap. I just put my head down and tried as hard as I could. I tried to backshift down into first in the chicane and throw these guys off. They just hooked me up and went by."

Third-place finisher Kurtis Roberts, No. 80 Honda

"Miguel did a great job. So did Ben and so did my team and myself. We put our head down there in the middle stint and really rode as hard as we could. I was really surprised I was leading there right before I pulled back in and we just didn't have it today for whatever reason. My team did a hell of a job I take my hat off to them. The bike was perfect all weekend. Who knows what I could have done there on the last lap. But it doesn't really matter right now. It's a good day for Honda. I thought we would have had it there with a few laps to go. I was kind of surprised with how close they were to me. It worked out. I wanted to get in here and get a podium for the championship run and I think we can do it now."

Fourth-place finisher Aaron Yates, No. 20 oshimura Suzuki

"The race was just a big tire conservation thing. The first session, I really thought the times were pretty slow. We were doing 51s. The second tire seemed to work a bit better. We ran 50s the whole time. That last stint, I ran up on that guy. Braking into Turn 1, he stood it up and went wide and I was on the outside and it made me have to change my line and run wide. It kind of blew the whole deal."

Anthony Gobert , rider of the No. 16 Ducati Austin


"My brake broke on the start line. I had to start on the backup bike. As soon as we went out, it had a big misfire. I didn't know for sure it was going to stop. Then it started coming good. It didn't have any power. It lost a lot of power but it was still going. That's the main thing. Then the next minute I caught the guys again and passed them and I thought, 'We're going to win pretty easy.' I was doing it super comfortable. Then the next minute, I got a fresh tire and I was taking it easy. Then the next minute the engine stopped. I went into one of the corners and went to (decelerate) and it didn't pick back up and started smoking. It's a shame. It's our backup bike and I think because I rode it hard when it wasn't warmed up is the reason why that it stopped. It's one of those things. It's a shame because I think we would've given Ducati its first win here. I was doing it easy and I had come from a long way back even though the engine was being slow. It's a real disappointment."

30th-place finisher Rick Shaw, rider of the No. 79 Suzuki


"I wanted to celebrate but I was trying to keep my head down. I tried to get my hand up there and I just about lost it on the second lap trying to celebrate. Boy was that stupid. I put my head back down and went for it. It was an exciting lap. I felt it. Finally, the weight was lifted off me after the second lap and I could go out and race. I put some much pressure on myself to get this done."


"I love it. I'm very proud to be listed with the veterans and the pros, the people who made this sport the greatest sport in the world. It's a honor. I hope I can live up to their image."


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