Carmichael, Frye teleconference, part 2

Continued from part 1 Q: Ricky, do you have any race car experience at all? RICKY CARMICHAEL: Yeah, I do. I have a little bit of race car experience with testing and this and that. I can tell you that I've driven enough to know that those...

Continued from part 1

Q: Ricky, do you have any race car experience at all?

RICKY CARMICHAEL: Yeah, I do. I have a little bit of race car experience with testing and this and that. I can tell you that I've driven enough to know that those guys are amazing. It's definitely a challenge. There's a lot going on.

But, yeah, I have some experience.

Q: In your motorcycle schedule for next year, do you plan to try to defend your Supercross title at Daytona?

RICKY CARMICHAEL: Yeah. Actually, you know, that's probably one of my favorite races that I do all year. Definitely looking forward to it. Yeah, I got that penciled in on my Supercross schedule. I'm looking forward to it. Man, I love that race. Yeah, that's my favorite race.

Q: I know you really like Daytona. Have you ever sat back to see the auto racing course, think someday you want to be out there on the big course?

RICKY CARMICHAEL: Oh, man, you know it. When we go there for that race, we park our transporters coming up for the tri-oval there. It's just like, man, I can't -- it's hard for me to focus on the motorcycle race because it's such a dream of mine to get out there in a stock car on that track. Absolutely. Especially this year when I kind of really wanted to put a foot in NASCAR and try to get something going, that's all I could think about the whole time I was there was, man, I would love to get in a stock car out there.

Q: It seem like you and Mark Martin are kindred spirits. Have you had a chance to meet with him, work with him before?

RICKY CARMICHAEL: No, I haven't. I'm looking forward to it. Obviously the Mark Martin thing they kept quiet for a while. It's a small world. One person leaks out, the information can get out. I haven't talked to him. I'm sure maybe this week once everything is out on the table, I'll probably maybe get to talk to him for the first time this week.

Q: Jay, when Bobby Ginn, the announcement was made in July, you said you felt like it was graduation day. Going then to today, can you talk about the last couple months, how it's felt to be a part of this organization?

JAY FRYE: That's a great question. A lot has changed in the last three months. It's pretty exciting every morning getting up, looking in the mirror. Again, MB2, the team has a great foundation. One thing that was written this week, the 01 last year leaving Charlotte, leaving this weekend, we were 17 points out of 11th. 01 won a race in '04. The 10 won a race in '03. We got a good foundation.

What Bobby has brought to us is an opportunity to take this thing to the next level. Being a competitor, there's nothing more exciting than that.

Between Mark's announcement and Ricky's announcement and what we're doing to build for, it's a very, very exciting time for us. We've got some other things coming out here next few weeks, too, that it's just -- we're really looking forward to the future.

Q: Going with Ricky Carmichael was going outside the box. Is that what owners are having to do now, looking outside the box for Juan Pablo or Ricky Carmichael to drive their cars in the future?

JAY FRYE: All those people you just mentioned, they're all winners. It's all about -- our sport is about winning and it's about competing and being motivated to do what you got to do to win races.

Obviously, we're very motivated to do that as a company. We've had some limitations that we couldn't maybe do some of the things we wanted to do. You ask about graduating. Well, it feels like we're now through -- we've got our MBA, and now we're going forward again.

But all this stuff is great. We're putting it all together. Everything looks great on paper. Now we all as a group have to go do the right thing, work hard, and perform. Again, the proof is going to be in the pudding over the next couple years. But every piece we're putting together right now, it's thought out, it's part of the process.

Again, a guy like Ricky, having a guy like Mark, and Joe and Sterling, people who help him get better, Kraig Kinser, Regan Smith, Jesus Hernandez, we have a very good group of young guys with a very good group of veteran guys, so it's a good mix.

Q: You talk about graduating, MBA. Is getting a fourth team established the doctorate?

JAY FRYE: We'll have three Cup teams next year in addition to having a Busch program and maybe even half of another Busch program.

Eventually as the sport is growing, we plan on being part of the sport for a long time, that's what ultimately we're going to have to have is four Cup teams. Whether that's two years from now, three years from now, yet to be determined. But for sure next year we'll have three Cup teams.

Q: Ricky, you've been so dedicated with your training, testing and practicing for Motocross, are you concerned at all you're going to be able to maintain that type of training level while working in all the stock car racing?

RICKY CARMICHAEL: You know, a lot of my base and stuff that I do for the Supercross season and just for the season in general is done actually in an off time for NASCAR. It should fit in just right.

Hey, obviously it's going to be a lot tougher. One thing we got to do is just, you know, we have to get this calendar worked out. Once we have our dates set on where we need to be, what we need to be, I'll turn it over to my trainer and he'll work it out.

But I have such a pretty good base that as long as I can maintain, I should be okay.

Q: With the longevity, looking at NASCAR, Sterling Marlin, older guys out there, late 40s, you're an old man at Supercross at 26. You're going to be able to do something that you could see yourself doing probably till you're in your 40s.

RICKY CARMICHAEL: That's right. You know me, too. It would be so much fun. Shoot, man, I just want to -- man, you have no idea. I mean, we talked about it before. It's just a dream of mine. I just want to make it happen so bad. I think we're on the right path.

Q: As a stock car driver, you can wear more comfortable shoes when you're racing.

RICKY CARMICHAEL: That's right (laughter). My wife will probably like it a lot better, too. Instead of tromping around in the mud, she can tromp around on concrete.

Q: Ricky, a lot has been made about Mark Martin as a mentor. I know Joe Nemechek, I remember about 300 Motocross trophies in his early years. Are you going to look to him for some transfer of skills maybe from Motocross to NASCAR, maybe even vice versa?

RICKY CARMICHAEL: Absolutely. I was excited when I did my deal with MB2 that I was going to get to work with Joe a little bit. I guess his son has been riding quite a bit. I was thinking maybe when we talked I could do some trading. He could ship his son down to my house and do some riding and Joe could help me on the four-wheel side of it.

One thing, we have something in common there. That always helps when you're trying to work with someone, when you have something in common. That's going to be exciting, for sure.

Q: The whole vocabulary, loose, tight, wedge, Joe can put that into Motocross terms, make the learning curve go more quickly.

RICKY CARMICHAEL: Absolutely. Don't think that hasn't crossed my mind . That's for sure .

Q: Ricky, you talk about this as a process. How are you going to determine that this is the right thing? I know Jay talked about the Michael Jordan of Motocross. Certainly when Michael Jordan went to baseball, it didn't work out. How do you determine this is working or heading in the right direction for you down the road?

RICKY CARMICHAEL: I think just with the -- we're going to work at our pace, the right pace, not too slow, not too fast. We're just going to -- when we're ready to advance or if we're not ready to advance, that's going to be determined as we progress.

I think it's the right plan for me. I've tested. I've driven. I like it. There's a lot of similarities. It's racing. I'm confident in my decision. I'm looking forward to the challenge.

A lot of it is mental also. I want to do it. I believe I can do it It's. just going to take time .

Q: Where do you see yourself in two to three years from now?

RICKY CARMICHAEL: You know, I don't know where I see myself. I would like to be racing -- obviously the ultimate goal is to be in the Nextel Cup Series. I think if you ask any driver, that's where they want to be. I can tell you that's where I'll want to be. I'm going to do everything that I can to get there. I have all the right resources with MB2 and Mark and everybody. As you guys have seen, it's falling into the right places.

Q: Jay, certainly you talk about a lot of the changes that has happened since Bobby came aboard. How much in a way are you reinventing yourself? Is that what any team has to do at this point to keep up with Hendricks and Roush?

JAY FRYE: Yes, definitely we are. As you know, this is our 10th anniversary. All these great things we've got going on right now make the next 10 years even more exciting than the first 10 years. The 10 first years were very exciting but a lot of times for the wrong reasons.

The future's very bright. We got a lot of things within the organization that are changing, all changing for the good. We just want to be a team to contend with over the next decade. We think we're on the right track.

Q: You talk about some other changes down the road. Are you looking for more announcements driver related or do you pretty much have your driver lineup set from Cup on down to your development program?

JAY FRYE: Well, the driver lineup is pretty much set. Some of the pieces of the puzzle, crew chiefs, we have to fill in for the third Cup team. There are some other people that we're talking to about doing different things for our company that we think will help make it stronger. It's more team related. There's also going to be a couple we think pretty exciting sponsorship pieces to come out here shortly, too.

Q: Ricky, how much do you see this as being a chance to help Motocross, Supercross grow, tap into a new fan base, turn people on to a sport they might not have known about?

RICKY CARMICHAEL: I think it's an awesome opportunity hopefully. I think with this announcement, it's going to help motocross' fan base. Not that NASCAR needs any publicity, they get so much, it's amazing, but I think for me coming in there, it will be a story. It will be something fun. Racing a Motocross bike one weekend and coming out and racing a car the next, I think it will be fun. I think hopefully I can bring some fans from NASCAR to Moto and the same from Supercross to NASCAR. I think it will be a great story and a great headline.

Q: You haven't won the opener at Anaheim ever.


Q: I assume you'll be there January 6 then.

RICKY CARMICHAEL: You know it, dude. I've got to get that, man. It's killing me. I'm looking forward to it. I'm going to give it another go.

Q: Have you talked to Jeff Ward through this whole deal?

RICKY CARMICHAEL: No, I sure haven't. I have not.

Q: Ricky, what is your dad's name?

RICKY CARMICHAEL: It's just Rick Carmichael.

Q: Where is he now?

RICKY CARMICHAEL: He's up in Havana, Florida. Right next to Tallahassee.

RYAN JULISON: Thank you all for joining us today. Exciting announcements. We look forward to the future of MB2 Motorsports. You'll be seeing and hearing a lot more from Ricky in the future. Have a good day.

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