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Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki Sets Off Afternoon Fireworks at Red Bud For the second consecutive week, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki swept the top two steps of the 250 class podium with Jake Weimer earning his second straight win and...

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki Sets Off Afternoon Fireworks at Red Bud

For the second consecutive week, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki swept the top two steps of the 250 class podium with Jake Weimer earning his second straight win and Christophe Pourcel finishing second. Tyla Rattray was injured in the second moto and was unable to finish. In the 450 class, Ricky Dietrich rode to his fourth straight top-10 finish going 5-6 for sixth overall while Timmy Ferry continued his recovery from a broken heel, finishing 15th in the first moto and retiring before the finish of the second.

Riding Smart
Weimer's second win was anything but traditional as he took the overall honors without winning one of the two motos. After flying out to the holeshot in the first moto, he held on for a second place finish. In the second moto, he fought his way up to fourth and his consistency through the event helped him earn the victory.

"I had a pretty good idea I was going to get the overall win about halfway through the second moto," said Weimer. "I wanted to be smart, but keep pushing and with the track as rough as it was, it was easy to make mistakes. When you're racing for an overall you have to be smart. You're not just racing for yourself, you're also racing for your team. I'm happy to come away with the overall."

Championship Leader
With the motocross season hitting the midway point, Pourcel continues to hold a nine point advantage in the series.

"I'm happy to keep the points lead right now," said Pourcel. "You never know what is going to happen with the rest of the series. I'm just really happy with the team and how we are leading the championship."

Dietrich is one of the most consistent riders in the field as he continues to get solid finishes.

"It feels good to finish sixth," said Dietrich. "If I could have gotten a better start in the second moto I may have gotten fifth overall. This is the most consistent I've ridden in motocross. I got good starts and I was running up front and pushing for the top five. I'm happy to be competing for top fives and making progress."

Flying Blind
Weimer was charging late in the second moto, trying to get up to third place but when a rain shower came he decided to hold back a little to guarantee the overall win.

"I went through all of my tear-offs early in the second moto," said Weimer. "I didn't get a good start and I was behind a lot of guys and the roost was pretty bad. I was charging up for third and getting roosted. Then it started raining a little and that's when I just settled down and concentrated on finishing fourth."

Tough Day
Ferry rode to a 15th place finish in the first moto and then pulled off early in the second moto after tweaking his injured heel.

"It was a tough day," said Ferry. "I fell like I rode decent in the first practice, but this track is a lot tougher than Colorado. In the second moto, I jammed my foot down a couple times. Sometimes I can hit it and then the pain goes away, but it never felt great during the second moto. I pulled off because I probably was going to do more damage than good out there."

Pourcel struggled early in the first moto, going down twice during the race. The French rider showed his desire for the championship by pushing to get the best finish he could.

"I was too aggressive for the start of the first moto," said Pourcel. "I crashed when someone crashed in front of me. I got up and was moving up and then I crashed again. I just tried to give it my best and I finished eighth."

Great Start
Dietrich got a great start in the first moto coming out of the first section of the track in third place. He continued to ride strong and held on to finish fifth in the first moto.

"I don't know what it is at the start," said Dietrich. "I just can't seem to keep the front wheel on the ground. My Kawasaki is a rocketship and it has a lot of power on the starting gate. Everyone kind of bunched up on the inside and I went flat track style around the outside through the first couple of turns and there I was in third. It was the best start I've ever had in a national. I got a little tight because I was running up front. I'm more used to starting 15th and working my way up to the front. When I was in third I was like 'what do I do now,' and I ended up staying in the top five."

Rattray had a good race going moving up to fourth in the second moto before he went down and injured his thumb.

"I felt good today," said Rattray. "I made a lot of passes in the second moto moving up to fourth. I was just unlucky with how I landed. I'm going to go to the doctor this week and see how soon I can get back. I'm just really bummed the race ended like that for me."

On a Roll
Weimer is hoping his newfound motocross success continues throughout the rest of the season.

"Last weekend was really nice for me, going 2-1 and getting the win," said Weimer. "After a win there is always a little extra pressure. People question whether you can do it again. It isn't everyday you get an overall win finishing 2-4. Luckily for me it happened today. I had a consistent day where I didn't make any major mistakes. I got a good start in the first moto and I felt good."

Great Track
In his second event at Red Bud, Dietrich continued to be impressed by the motocross track in Michigan.

"Red Bud is one of my favorite tracks on the outdoor circuit, said Dietrich. "The track is amazing. If you picture a pro-level track, this is what you would imagine. Everything is bigger here and it is built for pros. I enjoyed it a lot, especially Larocco's Leap. I had a lot of fun jumping it. I feel like I stared it down and conquered it

Time to Prepare
Ferry is going to take advantage of the upcoming off weekend to get as much track time as he can near his house in Florida.

"We've got next weekend off so I'll get two weeks of riding before the next race," said Ferry. "I just need to get some riding in. Before this race I was in Florida and I only got to ride one day because of the rain. It wasn't a productive week. Realistically I thought Millville would be where I come back to race, but we found a good setup for the bike, and I felt good about Colorado so I came back a little early."

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