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Chronological ALMS photos :

Shaded dave
Relaxed Herbert
Friendly Franz
Niclas Jonsson
A story told
Collard straps in
Didier de RadiguËs
Chris Dyson
Front row seats Trouble for team field
Dyson awaits
Jan Magnussen
Concerns in pit lane
Dirk Muller
Dyson pit stop Cadillac pit stop
Kelly Collins prepares
Paddock visitors
Ron Fellows
Claudia after the battle
Saleen exits the pits Cadillac tail
Saleen tail Flaming BMW
Panoz wins LMP 900 podium
LMP 900 champagne LMP 675 podium
GTS podium GTS champagne
GT podium GT champagne
Race ready Audi Team BMW
Cadillac ready Champion to the grid
Trumpeters Made in America
Butch to the races Cadillac pits
Tire temps
Lucas Luhr