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Chronological ALMS photos :

Claudia Hurtgen race ready Panoz cockpit
Rinaldo Capello
Tom Kristensen sprouts facal hair
Emanuele Pirro
Jan Magnussen
Ferrari pit stop Banana Joe's pit stop
Clint Field in the Lola Alex Job Racing pit stop
Steve Saleen
Another day for Audi Dark day for the Dark Dog
Johnny O'Connell
Clint Field
Bryan Willman
Flag and helmet of Jeff Altenburg
Jan Magnussen
Frank Biela was ready to lead
David Brabham
Audi crew members have the equipment
Steve Knight had a rest
Rob Dyson willed his car to success Audi was cooler than the weather
James Weaver took his stint
Saleen pit stop Frank Biela in the winning car
Chris Dyson
Emanuele Pirro was happy to have victory
Rinaldo Capello from above Jon Field in the Lola
Audi took it to the streets of Miami
Cadillac did well at their event Saleen art
The eyes of Milka Duno
Ron Fellows
Frank Biela was relaxed
Rinaldo Capello looks a little concerned