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Milka Duno Stefan Johansson and Emanuele Pirro on the podium
LMP 900 podium GT podium
GTS podium LMP 675 winners Milka Duno and Didier de Radigues
Frank Biela and Emanuele Pirro
Frank Biela and Emanuele Pirro
LMP 900 podium Frank Biela and Johnny Herbert
Emanuele Pirro Beautiful Laguna Seca scenery during the race
GT battle between the BMWs and the Porsches Frank Biela during a pitstop
Jan Magnussen taking the lead on lap 2 Patrick Lemarié in trouble on the first lap
The start: Frank Biela leading the field Pace lap
Franck Lagorce and Klaus Graf The starting grid
Johnny O' Connell
The starting grid Team Audi Sport North America
Historic IMSA GTP race
Historic IMSA GTP race Cesar Chavez Park in San Jose
Autograph session at Cesar Chavez Park Do you know the way to San Jose?
Audi at Cesar Chavez Park in San Jose
Cesar Chavez Park in San Jose Jan Magnussen leads the cars away for a few parade laps around Cesar Chavez Park
Panoz at Cesar Chavez Park in San Jose
Viper Tom Kristensen
Rinaldo Capello
Cadillac on front straight On track action
Frank Biela Frank Biela
On track action Stefan Johansson