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Chronological ALMS photos :

Magnussen holds the early lead Biela battling through pouring rain
The LMP900 Cadillacs cresting a hill GT and GTS muscle in the rain
It's lonely at the front: Jan Magnussen
Capello fights back Foster running strong in the M3
M3s disappearing toward Turn 4
Panoz looking strong Wallace has a Panoz in his sights
Biela runs into a traffic jam
Andy Pilgrim hanging onto the GTS lead Identical twins, Herr Porsche?
Making a move on the outside Fellows gunning for yet another win
The charging Johnnhy Herbert Brabham, still pushing hard
Pirro taking care of his Michelins
Pirro closing in on victory alms-2001-mos-ao-0101
alms-2001-mos-ao-0102 alms-2001-mos-ao-0103
Frank Biela