Sebring Friday Track notes

Women's Global GT Series - Final Practice: At 8:00 am, green flag. At 8:15, car ...

Women's Global GT Series - Final Practice:

At 8:00 am, green flag.

At 8:15, car #20 Terri Hundertmark into the pits, working on the front end of the car.

At 8:17, car #19 Nikki LaRue reported leaking fluids, possibly fuel.

At 8:20, checkered flag

Top 5 practice times:

#7 Sonja Bayer - 2:33.392, #17 Amy Ruman - 2:33.870, #11 Divina Galica - 2:34.252, #4 Belinda Endress - 2:34.264, #18 Dana Moore - 2:34.581

ALMS - Combined GT, GTS and Prototype Practice:

At 9:15, green flag

At 9:17 car #3-GTS Fellows/Kniefel/Bell Corvette C5-R pit speed violation, 6 mph over the limit

At 9:22 car #9-P Lagorce/Leitzinger/Wallace Cadillac Northstar LMP rough ride in turn 10.

At 9:53 car #1-P Brabham/Magnussen/Raphanel Panoz LMP-1 Roadster S slowing on course.

At 9:56 car #43-P Auberlen/Gounon/Soper BMW V12 LMR pit speed violation, 7 mph over the limit.

At 10:03 car #4-GTS Pilgrim/Collins/Freon Corvette C5-R pit speed violation, 16 mph over the limit.

At 10:03 car #37-P Field/Don Whittington/Dale Whittington Lola B98/10/Ford pit speed violation, 7 mph over, this is their fourth violation.

At 10:15, checkered flag.

Following the creed "Every lap, every session", Team Audi completed the most laps during the session with 24 in the #77-P Alboreto/Capello/McNish Audi R8. BMW also completed 24 laps in the #43-P Auberlen/Gounon/ Soper BMW V12 LMR. Both the #77-P and the #91-GTS set their fastest lap at the end of the session.

Lola News: Nick Stephenson - the man who helped re-shape the face of Rover - has joined leading British racecar manufacturer Lola Cars International as a non-executive Special Projects director. He will be promoting Lola's considerable design and technical skills, plus its world-class facilities, to mainstream motor manufacturers. Stephenson, 51, former Rover Group Director of Design and Engineering, oversaw the design of the Rover 75, the new Mini and the Land Rover Freelander, and is highly regarded within the car manufacturing industry. Says Stephenson: "Lola has tremendous skills and facilities. One of my priorities is to show large organisations the leading in-house technologies. Of particular note are the wind tunnel, the aerodynamic modeling capabilities, composite manufacturing and lightweight structures skills, chassis development and transmission design. My mission is to broaden Lola's business base by using its racecar expertise and technical ability and applying it to the needs of manufacturers worldwide. With the skills at Lola's disposal, I believe we can build good business outside motor racing. I have been particularly impressed with the major investments made by Lola, such as the wind tunnel and seven-post test rig, as well as the first class engineers - all areas of great interest to this industry." On-track in 2000, Lola is competing in America's CART championship with two of the leading teams, Chip Ganassi and Newman/Haas, and in major sportscar championships with its radically-designed and ground-breaking new B2K/10 racer. Lola is also sole chassis supplier to the FIA Formula 3000 Championship, and the USA-based Indy Lights series.

One of the youngest drivers to have ever competed in the 24 Hours of Daytona, continues his trek to Le Mans this weekend in the Superflo 12-Hours of Sebring. Gunnar Jeannette (#30-GT Porsche 911 GT3 R) co-drove with actor Paul Newman, a long-time family friend who last year saw potential in the 17-year old from West Palm Beach, Florida. During a testing session at Road Atlanta with Gunnar's father and other family friends, Newman talked Gunnar into putting his years of Porsche testing experience to use in competition. "My dad would only approve if I kept my grades up and attended a driver's school," according to Gunner. He ran his first race in October of 1999, an HSR event at Road Atlanta. In his second HSR race he finished first in a Porsche 935 and also competed in the Motorola Cup event. "So far, Daytona has been the high point of my life. I feel very privileged to get the opportunity to race on a team with the legendary film star and actor Paul Newman. Paul is very respectful to me and a great coach. Driving a double night stint, three hours at Daytona, was hair raising. I learned how to stay out of trouble." Gunnar will race the black Porsche 996 GT3R at Le Mans for Gunnar Racing. This will be his first visit to Le Mans, as a driver or spectator. The team will test at Le Mans before Gunnar's 18th birthday on May 5th. Jeannette hasn't confirmed immediate plans for his racing career after Sebring and Le Mans. "I hope to continue racing, but dad requires that I continue my education. I'll enter the engineering program at the University of Central Florida and I would like to keep racing. Only after graduation can I do this full time."

Women's Global GT Series Race

At 12:25, green flag

At 12:25, going into turn number 1, #18 Dana Moore spun and backed into the barrier, continued. Also in the incident #17 Amy Ruman spins and continues.

At 12:25, #7 Sonja Bayer leads into the first corner, but looses the lead back to #11 Divina Galica in the next corner.

At 12:27, end of lap 1: #11 Galica, #7 Bayer, #2 Duno, #24 Lux, #4 Endress

At 12:28, end of lap 2: #11 Galica, #7 Bayer, #24 Lux, #2 Duno, #4 Endress

At 12:30, black flag for #18 Moore, loose body work

At 12:31, end of lap 3: #11 Galica, #7 Bayer, #24 Lux, #2 Duno, #4 Endress

At 12:32, #18 Moore into the pits to remove the broken body parts, returns to the track.

At 12:35, end of lap 4: #11 Galica, #7 Bayer, #24 Lux, #2 Duno, #4 Endress

At 12:36, car #13 Nicole Ruman into the pits, broken drive belt.

At 12:37, end of lap 5: #11 Galica, #7 Bayer, #24 Lux, #2 Duno, #4 Endress

At 12:40, end of lap 6: #11 Galica, #7 Bayer, #24 Lux, #2 Duno, #4 Endress

At 12:43, end of lap 7: #11 Galica, #7 Bayer, #24 Lux, #2 Duno, #4 Endress

At 12:44, #3 DeCoursey off and back on at turn 10.

At 12:45, end of lap 8: #7 Bayer, #11 Galica, #24 Lux, #2 Duno, #4 Endress

At 12:47, #8 Wahl into the pits, leaking fluid, broken drive belt.

At 12:48, end of lap 9: #7 Bayer, #11 Galica, #24 Lux, #2 Duno, #4 Endress, 1.7 seconds separates 1st and 2nd positions.

At 12:50, end of lap 10: #7 Bayer, #11 Galica, #24 Lux, #2 Duno, #4 Endress, 2.2 seconds lead

At 12:53, end of lap 11: #7 Bayer, #11 Galica, #24 Lux, #2 Duno, #4 Endress, 1.7 seconds lead

At 12:56, end of lap 12: #7 Bayer, #11 Galica, #24 Lux, #2 Duno, #4 Endress, 2.0 seconds lead

At 12:59, end of lap 13: #7 Bayer, #11 Galica, #24 Lux, #2 Duno, #4 Endress, 4.3 seconds lead

At 1:01, end of lap 14: #7 Bayer, #11 Galica, #24 Lux, #2 Duno, #4 Endress, 4.6 seconds lead

At 1:01, car #18 Moore spun and continued at turn 10.

At 1:04, end of lap 15: #7 Bayer, #11 Galica, #24 Lux, #2 Duno, #4 Endress, 4.0 seconds lead

At 1:06, end of lap 16: #7 Bayer, #11 Galica, #24 Lux, #2 Duno, #4 Endress, 3.8 seconds lead

At 1:08, end of lap 17: #7 Bayer, #11 Galica, #24 Lux, #2 Duno, #4 Endress, 4.8 seconds lead, white flag.

At 1:10, Checkered flag: #7 Bayer, #11 Galica, #24 Lux, #2 Duno, #4 Endress, 3.570 seconds margin of victory.

Pit Notes Page 15

This is Sonja Bayer's first victory in the Women's Global GT series, in only her second event (Laguna Seca).

Sonja Bayer (about the pass for the lead) "In turn three and five I was catching her, I really pushed her (Galica) in turn seven. I tried to pass her twice, or three times. She was always on the inside and stayed there. She told us this morning you can pass her on this track if someone in front of you is doing a mistake. I was waiting for a mistake and I think I got her. I don't know if I can finish the season. I won the race and I hope to find a sponsor to keep racing here, so I can contest for the championship."

Divina Galica "Sonja tried to pass me in turn one, which I thought was a rather brave move. She got off into the marbles and didn't pull it off. I had trouble with my gearbox and brakes. I was terribly slow in certain places. I just wanted to have a good finish. When we practiced Tuesday, Sonja was in the 2 minute 38 second bracket, and I was doing 33's. She asked for some advice. I told her where to pass, where to throttle, where to brake, that kind of stuff. I'm never going to sit down and give her a map and show her the way around ever, ever again."

Cindi Lux (defending WGGTS champion, about the start) "I had the best seat in the house. There was mayhem there in turn one. I had my mirrors full of Milka (Duno). The first 15 minutes I caught up to Sonja (Bayer) and Divina (Galica), then Milka caught up to me. It was close racing there." (at the end) "I didn't have enough for 'em today. You'll have to be a smart and tactical driver in the series this year. You'll have to be on the podium every race to have a chance at the championship."

Milka Duno "It was really high competition, very good drivers. I had a little thing in the car, less time, that's why I was a little slow".

Belinda Endress "It was great. I got really hot out there. By the time it got to the twenty minute mark, I was saying 'OK, you'd better conserve'".

Sherri DeCoursey "I feel very tired, but I'm very happy. My main goal was to stay on the track and to say on my line, and I was able to pick up some speed. I feel like I've won."

Dana Moore "They told me I set the fast lap of the race. It got off to a bad start. With all the bad luck I had in the beginning I sure finished well."

Nikki LaRue "I feel very good. It was a good clean race. There's lots of competition out here so it made it a lot of fun. "

Audrey Zavodsky "It was pretty exciting at the start with all the cars spinning, but it was fun. Its a fun track. Its great to see more people interested in our series."

Nicole Ruman "It was hair raising through turn one at the start. I saw my sister Amy sideways and worried about her. I put that out of my mind and raced. There were six or seven of us mixing it up. Sarah (Wahl) and I were really duking it out! Everyone was racing good and clean, no one was doing anything stupid." (about her retirement) "I thought I had a flat tire, the power steering went out, then the water temperature went up and I pulled it in the pits".

Sarah Wahl "I was heading into turn 17 when a belt broke. I thought I was going into the wall! An alarm came on just before that, but I was hoping it was only the water temperature. But I knew it had to be the power steering. It was really hard to muscle through the corners." (about dicing with Nikki) "Through the carousel she came out on me but I knew I had the corner. Otherwise, everyone was so in sync and racing clean. I'm going to learn the car well for Charlotte. I'm so used to my formula Dodge and only have two years of experience. What a great experience this is!"

Pit Notes Page 16

Alisa Kincaid "The track was slick and hot. I was off course because third gear was not co-operating. I finished, so I'm happy. I'll learn from the competition. This track is incredibly challenging, it's a driver's track."

Amy Ruman "The track was tight and slippery. The next thing I knew I was turned around (going into turn 1). I don't think I was tapped. It is disappointing, especially in the first turn. It was mentally challenging to try to catch up, the heat was bothersome. I really want to get some sponsorships. I like this track and I would love to come back. "


Super Grand Sport - Randy Pobst, Melbourne, Fla., #98 KAC Technologies Chevrolet Corvette C5, new record 95.398mph

"Today was the first time I've driven Reed Knight's Corvette in the dry - the only laps I had on it were last night in the rain. I tested the brakes on the first lap, they were fantastic, and since I had a clear track I went for it on the second lap and won the pole. That was a good boost to my emotions after losing the GT class pole for the 12-hour to Dirk Muller. The best way to get a pole is to do it as quickly as possible after you enter the track, have solid brakes and new Hoosier tires. Everything was in place to do that."

Grand Sport - Charles Espenlaub, Lutz, Fla., #97 Kent Engineering Pontiac Firebird Formula, new record 91.565mph

"We had an engine glitch yesterday which made Joe Kent's team stay here all night trying to trace it down. It turned out to be a faulty $2.50 wire. For the setup, we used our notes from here last year, but the car feels a lot more stable this year on the new, wider Hoosier tires.

Sport-Touring -Scooter Gabel, Tampa, Fla., #02 Alegra Motorsport Porsche 944 S2, new record 86.814mph

"This is only the first full year for Carol De Quesada's team, and we're very happy the Motorola Cup officials are letting us run this car. To get a pole at Sebring is great, because I work here as an instructor for the Panoz Driving School, and it's my home town track since I live in Tampa.

C2K - Mark Craig, Weir, Quebec, #6 Hyundai Motorsports Hyundai Tiburon, new record 85.020mph

"This is an all-new Hyundai Tiburon for us, and that's one of the reasons we're four seconds faster than year. We've hired a suspension consultant, and the chassis with a new design roll cage was built by the Multimatic Motorsports team in Toronto which has run the Ford factory Mustangs in prior years of the Motorola Cup. We didn't get the pole at Daytona because that's just a 'motor' track. Here at Sebring, handling counts for much more. -PSR-

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