Riley Technologies LMP2 announcement

Riley Technologies Reveals LMP2 Plans Clean-Sheet design set for Sebring debut BRASELTON, Ga. (1 October 2010)-- American Le Mans Series CEO Scott Atherton closed his traditional State of the Series address with an exciting crescendo ...

Riley Technologies Reveals LMP2 Plans
Clean-Sheet design set for Sebring debut

BRASELTON, Ga. (1 October 2010)-- American Le Mans Series CEO Scott Atherton closed his traditional State of the Series address with an exciting crescendo announcement on Friday as he made public the plans for Riley Technologies to deliver an all-new design for the new LMP2 category starting in 2011.

The LMP2 category will utilize a new set of specifications in 2011, including new parameters that set strict cost caps for the machines. The clean-sheet design from Riley Technologies (a division of SEA STAR GROUP, INC. Stock Symbol SGQZ) is well-placed to extend the legacy that the firm has established for delivering new products that are competitive from day one at the track.

While the Riley Technologies design makes the most of the opportunity to create an innovative new machine within the specifications, the build speed as well as reliability will be boosted as the Riley design utilizes components from partners that Riley Tech has already established successful working relationships with, including wheels, brakes, and gearboxes. The process has further been boosted by the Riley Tech partnership with Siemens, putting the PLM Software's digital product development solution to work for the firm once again.

The carbon-fiber tub will be manufactured in the Charlotte area, and the chassis has been designed to accept both turbocharged and naturally aspirated LMP2 engines including the Roush-Yates V6 EcoBoost, HPD V6 twin-turbo, Judd, and Nismo/Zytek. Additionally, the design makes the most of the extensive CFD technology that the firm has invested in at its headquarters in Mooresville, North Carolina.

"We are very excited about this all-new LMP2 design and feel like we will have a car that will give our customers the speed and reliability they need to be competitive," said Riley Technologies Director Bob Riley. "Designing a new product within a set price point while also hitting all the targeted benchmarks for performance is an exciting challenge for us, and this design is one that we are very proud of. As a designer, I am still sometimes amazed with what is possible with CFD, and we are all very much looking forward to showing that in competition next year."

From the front of the car to the end of the rear wing, Riley's new LMP2 design is poised to set new standards in design and performance.

Using unique front suspension design elements, the firm focused on a design that opened the front of the car to create significant through-body airflow and clean air direction. This allows large quantities of air to flow through channels inside the front wheels, creating significant amounts of downforce before being channelled back and around the car. The front-end design also cultivates a significant airflow above and below the front splitter, which itself is deeper and wider than any currently deployed in the class.

At the rear of the car, the design continues to show elegant simplicity as well as efficiency, with the the rear fin blending directly into the central mounting post for the rear wing.

Riley Tech has long been recognized for designs that feature copious amounts of mechanical grip, and while much of the attention will be on the aerodynamic innovation inherent in the new LMP2 design, the firm also expects to set new marks in mechanical grip thanks to the opportunity to bring the car to market with a clean-sheet design.

Riley Technologies, which recently celebrated a record-setting seventh consecutive Manufacturer Championship in GRAND-AM, has set the standard for delivering products that are immediately competitive. The 2004 Daytona Prototype debut for the Riley design saw both Riley entries take the front row for the Rolex 24, and the category has seen countless examples of teams showing immediate strength after making the move to Riley machinery.

The ALMS effort is also set to extend another of the Riley Tech traditions, as the firm has not only established a winning record on the track, but has also won the loyalty of customers around the globe thanks to the firms' tireless efforts to provide the highest levels of customer service and support both at the track, and away from it. Riley Technologies is also exploring options for establishing a European-based dealer.

"The opportunity to design a car that showcases a lot of innovation but still works within a set of rules that keep costs down was something that is a perfect fit for us and our product line-up," said Riley Technologies President Bill Riley. "We plan on giving our customers the same kind of support that we always have. We hope to finalize the first build in the coming days, and have the car ready go, and be competitive, at Sebring."

The 2011 American Le Mans Series season will open March 19 at Sebring International Raceway with the 57th running of the Mobil 1 12 Hours of Sebring presented by Fresh From Florida.

About Riley Technologies:
Riley Technologies, a division of SEA STAR GROUP, INC. Stock Symbol SGQZ, has an extended legacy of success, developing competitive on-track products for the Rolex Sports Car Series, the American LeMans Series, the USAC Gold Crown Series, and the Japanese GT Championship Series.

About Siemens:
Riley Tech has long relied on Siemens PLM Software to help design and develop their race-winning machines. NX software, Siemens PLM Software's digital product development solution which includes computer-aided design, -manufacturing and -engineering (CAD/CAM/CAE) applications, is the preferred development software. NX Software was cited as a driving force behind Riley taking a sixth straight Daytona Prototype Manufacturers championship in 2009 before kicking the 2010 season off with a win at Daytona International.


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