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A YEAR OF MANY CHALLENGES The 2007 season turned out to be one of the most rewarding ever for Peugeot Sport which launched four different new cars on the world motor sport scene, from the factory programme with the 908 HDi FAP to its package of...


The 2007 season turned out to be one of the most rewarding ever for Peugeot Sport which launched four different new cars on the world motor sport scene, from the factory programme with the 908 HDi FAP to its package of promotional formulae with the 207 LW THP, 207 Super 2000 and Spider THP. The lessons learned by the team while finding its marks last year will be implemented in 2008 and all its energy will be devoted to building on that experience to achieve its objectives.

This time last year, under the leadership of Michel Barge, Peugeot Sport organised a dynamic presentation of the new 908 HDi FAP to announce its modest objectives for the season ahead. Following the car's initial gestation, which was rapid to say the least, Team Peugeot Total enjoyed a memorable season which brought its fair share of surprises, satisfactions and passion, not to mention the unrelenting toil which enabled it to secure results well beyond its expectations and targets. Indeed, never in Peugeot's history had a competition car won out of the box, yet the 908 HDi FAP claimed victory in its debut race at Monza before going on to clinch the 2007 Le Mans Series. Team Peugeot Total won all six rounds, started from pole position each time and posted every fastest race lap, not to mention its unhoped-for performance at Le Mans where it started from pole position before taking second place at the end of the 24-hour race.

Since the curtain came down on Team Peugeot Total's 2007 campaign at Interlagos where it sewed up the Le Mans Series, the team hasn't eased up in the slightest. With the full backing of the brand and the President of the Group, the programme has effectively been stepped up in a bid to make further progress and achieve its goals, not the least of which is Le Mans.

The 2008 908 HDi FAP programme

The objective for 2008 was clearly spelled out when the programme was initially announced in June 2006, namely victory at Le Mans. Since then, all the team's energy and effort has been focused on that supreme challenge. Every one of its outings, whether a test session, a simulation run or a race, has sought not only to validate new parts and evolutions to take the 908 HDi FAP forward in terms of both performance and reliability, but also give the ten drivers who make up the 2008 squad to familiarise themselves with the car.

The priority: Le Mans

The 2007 Le Mans 24 Hours which saw Team Peugeot Total qualify on pole-position and claim second place after having both its cars running up to two hours from the flag permitted the team to gather a considerable amount of data and information concerning both the technical and human aspects of its operation, as well as the overall management of its entry in the celebrated French race. Since last June, extremely busy Le Mans Series and test programmes have enabled it to continue to work on the car and its reliability with a view to being able to tackle races at the same pace seen in practice.

This ambitious programme will see Team Peugeot Total contest March's 12 Hours of Sebring after visiting the American venue for the three-day winter test on January 28-30. Pedro Lamy, Nicolas Minassian and Stephane Sarrazin were all in attendance and the latter profited from the trip to establish a new lap record for the track. The exacting 12-hour race itself is seen as a chance to take the development of the 908 HDi FAP further still.

Bruno FAMIN, Technical Director: "Our work has focused on saving weight and extracting superior, reliable performance from the engine with a view to enabling us to race at the same pace as we lap in practice, not to mention the optimisation of every one of the car's components. Given the little time we had last year, this was something we weren't able to do with the 2007-spec car. In addition to ongoing work on the aerodynamics, our programme has benefited the suspension, steering, differential and gearshift control. However, because of the weight inherent in the diesel engine, we have yet to get down to the minimum 900kg weight threshold specified in the new regulations."

All Peugeot Sport's efforts and resources have been channelled towards its priority objective and three 908 HDi FAPs will be entered for the 2008 Le Mans 24 Hours:

two by Team Peugeot Total (Ns 7 and 8),
and one by Peugeot Sport Total (N9).

The exact crew of each car will be announced in May once the team has had a chance to evaluate the style and approach of each driver, as well as the natural affinities between them. The ten drivers who form Peugeot Sport's 2008 line-up are:

Anthony BELTOISE (36, France), test and reserve driver
Marc GENE (33, Spain)
Christian KLIEN (25, Austria)
Pedro LAMY (35, Portugal)
Nicolas MINASSIAN (34, France)
Franck MONTAGNY (30, France)
Stephane SARRAZIN (32, France)
Jacques VILLENEUVE (35, Canada)
Alexander WURZ (34, Austria)
Ricardo ZONTA (31, Brazil)

Michel BARGE, Peugeot Sport Director: "Like last year, we wanted our 2008 line-up to be strong, very human, sporting and bonded. During the recruitment process, which was led by Serge Saulnier, we paid attention to all these factors, as well as the respective records and experience of the drivers in cars which are in fact very close to the 908 HDi FAP in the way they need to be set up and driven. Between them, our ten drivers have 393 Formula 1 Grand Prix starts under their belts, as well as 32 previous participations in the Le Mans 24 Hours!"

The Le Mans Series: Peugeot looking to defend its title

As was the case in 2007, two 908 HDi FAPs will defend the chances of Peugeot and its partners in five European races, namely Barcelona, Monza, Spa, the Nurburgring and Silverstone.

Given the excellent season enjoyed by the two crews and Peugeot Sport last year, the team has chosen to build on the same synergies in 2008.

908 HDi FAP N7: Marc GENE/Nicolas MINASSIAN
908 HDi FAP N8: Pedro LAMY/Stephane SARRAZIN

Michel BARGE: "We will be out to defend our title, without losing sight of the fact that our priority is the Le Mans 24 Hours. We will face some fierce, experienced competition. That's what we wanted and that's what we've got! This promises to be especially valuable because we will have four races Sebring, Barcelona, Monza and Spa before the big one at Le Mans. The calendar is extremely busy and calls for complex logistics because we have also programmed numerous test sessions and simulation runs. With regard to the 2008 calendar's last race at Shanghai, which was announced last week by the ACO, we believe it's a pity it won't count towards the championship and we reserve the right not to take part."

This busy calendar means that Team Peugeot Total will not be able to attend the official tests at Paul Ricard on March 2-3.

Livery changes

Although the carbon theme has been carried over, the livery of the 908 HDi FAP has evolved. Style Peugeot has produced a design which symbolises the flow of air and fuel, with lines extending from the headlights and past the air intakes to the engine cover which features 'HDi FAP' branding. The N7908 HDi FAP will be predominantly red, the N8 car predominantly blue and the N9 car predominantly grey.

The 2008 motor sport promotion programme

In addition to its busy programme with the 908, Peugeot Sport faces an equally active season with its motor sport promotional package which, in 2007, saw the introduction of three new models based on the 207: the Super 2000, the Spider and the Light Weight.


Type: Le Mans Prototype LMP1
Structure: Monocoque
Bodywork: Carbon fibre
Windscreen: Polycarbonate

Gearbox: Six-speed, longitudinally-mounted gearbox
Gearbox casing: Cast aluminium
Gearshift: Sequential
Clutch: Cerametallic multi-plate clutch
Differential: Limited slip differential
Lubrication: Total

Suspension: Double wishbone with pushrod and rocker-arm all-round
Springs: Torsions beams
Dampers: Pressure dampers
Anti-roll bars: Blade-type anti-roll bars front and rear
Steering: Power steering
Brakes: Double hydraulic circuit, single-piece light alloy callipers, adjustable brake bias by the driver
Discs: Vented carbon discs front and rear
Diameter: 380mm (front), 355mm (rear)

Rims: Magnesium
Size (front): 13.5 x 18"
Size (rear): 14.5 x 18"
Tyres: Michelin radials: 33/68-18 (front), 37/71-18 (rear)

Length: 4,610mm
Width: 2,000mm
Height: 1,030mm
Wheelbase: 2,950mm
Front overhang: 910mm
Rear overhang: 750mm
Fuel tank: 81 litres
Weight: more than 900kg

Position: All aluminium, mid-rear, longitudinally-mounted
Cylinder block: Machined aluminium
Pistons: Mahle
Cylinders: V12 ('vee' angle 100)
Capacity: 5.5 litres
Fuel injection: Bosch common-rail direct fuel injection
Turbo: Bi-turbo, each with a 39.9mm air restrictor
Particulate filter: Dow Automotive (two)
Engine management: Bosch MS17
Power: 700bhp
Torque: 1,200Nm
Lubrication: Total


Born Neuilly (France), 21 July 1971
Lives in Neuilly (France)
2 participations in 24 Heures du Mans

Born in Sabadell, 29 March 1974
Lives in Barcelone
Married 2 chlidren
36 Formula 1 GP
1 participation in 24 Heures du Mans

Christian KLIEN
Born Hohenems (Autria), 7 February 1983
Lives in Autria
46 Formula 1 GP
Never drive in 24 Heures du Mans

Pedro LAMY
Born Aldeia, 20 March 1972
Lives in Portugal
Married 2 children
32 Formula 1 GP
8 participations in 24 Heures du Mans

Born Marseille (France) 28 February 1973
Lives in Angleterre
Married 1 child
8 participations in 24 Heures du Mans

Born in Feurs, 5 january 1978
Lives in Spain
7 Formula 1 GP
6 participations in 24 Heures du Mans

Born Alès (France) 2 November 1975
Lives in France
Married, 1 child
1 Formula 1 GP
6 Participations 24 Heures du Mans
15 WRC races

Born St Jean sur Richelieu (Canada), 9 April 1972
Lives in Canada
Married 2 children
165 Formula 1 GP (11 wins et 13 pole positions)
1 participation in 24 Heures du Mans

Alexander WURZ
Born Waidhofen (Autria), 15 February 1974
Lives in Monaco
Married 3 children
69 Formula 1 GP (3 podiums)
1 participation 24 Heures du Mans (1 win)

Ricardo ZONTA
Born Curitiba (Brazil), 23 March 1976
Lives in Brazil
37 Formula 1 GP
Never drive 24 Heures du Mans


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