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Customer Competition: Pedal to the metal for ORECA...

After the creation of Formula Le Mans in 2009, ORECA is expanding its presence as a constructor. Along with the ORECA 01 entered by Hope PoleVision in LMP1, two customer teams have already confirmed their intentions to run the ORECA 03 in LMP2. In all of these categories in Le Mans Series, ILMC or ALMS, ORECA is making its customer competition program a priority for 2011.

As in 2010, ORECA will be represented in all events branded with the Le Mans name. Doug Bebb, who will be in charge of the Competition-Client program, will attend every race American and European while Jean-Pierre Diot will focus on technical support in Europe. "After what could be considered a learning year, we want to take the next step forward," explains David Floury. This ambition will mean different strategies depending on the category LMP2 or Formula Le Mans..

In LMP2...

"In both cases, the goals are different," continues David Floury. "LMP2 is a highly competitive category where pure performance is obviously taken into account. When we were designing the ORECA 03, we didnt want to simply make a Formula Le Mans ,,plus. While being both a constructor and a team, we know what to expect from the operation. We will provide a level of service that will allow teams to take advantage of our experience and advice in order to get the best result from the car. This includes the mechanical settings, aero configurations for each track as well as tips for managing pitstops, etc. The objective is simple: do everything so the ORECA 03 wins!"

In Formula Le Mans...

Two years ago, the FLM09 cars ran in one hour races before moving up to the various Le Mans series in 2010 as a new class (with about 15 cars on track.) This will again be the case in 2011 as well as the opportunity to participate in the Test Day for the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup finale in China. "Because Formula Le Mans is a single-make class, we opted for a different philosophy," adds the technical director. "One of our goals deals with budget, where we dont want to have a LMP2 ,,minus. While keeping a good driving feel and a performance level between that of LMP2 and GT, we also look at ways to reduce operating costs. We therefore rethought the way we do business, including our structure with Carl Haas, the U.S. distributor. We can now announce a price freeze on parts, even a reduction in some cases. Meanwhile, we continue our work on reliability of the FLM, with evolutions on the way. Finally, we will improve the service provided to the teams, notably in the area of technical documentation. The goal is to strengthen our support to the teams, both on and off the track. We will help the teams with PR needs in order to promote their projects. During our end of season meetings, the feedback was positive. This encourages us to move forward! "

Over the course of the last few weeks, the Competition-Client program has been reorganized. A four person team will be under the responsibility of Doug Bebb. Last year, he concentrated on the LMPC (Le Mans Prototype Challenge) in American Le Mans Series while managing the team service and their relationship with the organizers. Now even more integrated with ORECA, Doug will supervise LMP2 and Formula Le Mans customer teams, both in the United States and in Europe. Having worked with Williams F1 in single-seaters, and Toyota and MG in sportscars, Doug will continue to bring his expertise to ORECA. His career had already crossed paths with ORECA, notably during the "Viper" years..

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