Mid-Ohio: Intersport Racing race report

Once again, Intersport Racing's No. 37 Lenco Mobile AER/Lola put the entire grid on the defensive, this time for the American Le Mans Series presented by Tequila Patrón Mid-Ohio Sports Car Challenge.J Race after race, Intersport continues to ...

Once again, Intersport Racing's No. 37 Lenco Mobile AER/Lola put the entire grid on the defensive, this time for the American Le Mans Series presented by Tequila Patrón Mid-Ohio Sports Car Challenge.J Race after race, Intersport continues to dominate and set the pace for LMP cars in the American Le Mans Series. Mid-Ohio was no different... actually, Mid-Ohio was different. Under the control of Clint Field, the No. 37 Lola jumped out in front on lap one and dominated each and every lap of his double stint in the car. The first 81 laps of the American Le Mans Series present by Tequila Patrón Mid-Ohio Sports Car Challenge were all Clint Field and the No. 37 Intersport Racing Lenco Mobile AER/Lola.

"The crew gave me an amazing car," said Clint Field, following the race. "With the initial start waived off, I chose to stay wide on the restart and carried a ton of momentum and speed into the first turn... the right-hander at turn four. My timing must have been right because by time we were 100' past the starter I was able to drop down in front of Guy Smith in the Dyson Mazda and basically never look back. There were a few times he was in my mirrors coming through slower traffic, but for most of the afternoon, I just drove the track."J On this day and on this track, Intersport put it all together. The team was prepared, the car was fast and the pit stops were flawless. Having positioned themselves for the end of the race, their strategy was sound. With less than an hour remaining, Clint pitted for a new set of Dunlop tires a full tank of E-85 Ethanol, and a driver change. Jon Field climbed into the car ready to take it to the end.... this was story book stuff.

"As much fun as I was having," noted Clint, the youngest prototype champion in history of Series, "it was hard not to think about the end of the race and wonder if our strategy of putting dad in the car on fresh rubber for the final stint would pay off. We never got to see it play out."J It would turn out to be a broken valve that snatched victory from the team's grasp. After a caution, Jon found himself with only seven cylinders and the engine throwing itself into a safety mode. He was left with just enough power to amble safely back to the pits.

"Either way," added Clint, "we had a great day. I can't say enough about the guys on our team. They were amazing... I mean, Mid-Ohio is our home track and we had lots of friends and family out here having a great time. The crew stepped up to the occasion and everyone gave 100%. That's what our team is all about. We don't need to win to have a great time. We go home knowing we gave it everything we had."

In every race of 2010, when the No. 37 car has taken the green, the car has led the race. With each subsequent event, the car has been stronger. Tallying lead lap after lead lap. The team will take away a personal victory of being faster, stronger and closer than any race this year. At Mid-Ohio, Intersport Racing dominated 81 of 119 laps.J No. 89 Quicksilver Oreca FLM09 LMPC Grabs 4th

Things continue to improve with the team's No. 89 Quicksilver Oreca FLM09 LMPC car. With a great qualifying run by Kyle Marcelli and a solid race effort with co-driver Brian Wong, the pair brought the No. 89 Quicksilver car home 4th in class.

"The Intersport guys gave me a great car" said Marcelli. "I was able to put it to good use in qualifying. Running with hard compound Michelin tires, each lap of the 20 minute session was quicker than the previous. Overall, I was satisfied with qualifying 3rd behind Bouchut and Diaz, however I think I might of had a little more in me... and the car. It gave us a lot of confidence going into the race." J"I'm pretty please with our result," continued Marcelli. "I know this was important event for the Intersport Racing with lots of family and friends in attendance. Considering everything we had thrown at us during the race, Brian and I did a great job battling through. It speaks to the integrity of everyone on our team. With Road American around the corner, our goal is nothing short of victory."

"The weekend was really good," added Brian Wong. "The car felt great with the added power. With the larger restrictor plate, going through traffic was a lot easier."

Wong used that power to his advantage to take the lead on the opening lap and lead lap one.

"Mid Ohio is a very challenging yet fun course," said Wong. bIt's definitely a drivers race track. Even if your car isn't perfect, Mid Ohio is a place where the driver can dig deep and get a little more from the car. From the drop of the green flag, we ran as hard as we could to stay with the lead pack. After I got out of the car and handed it over to Kyle, we were on pace for a podium finish. Unfortunately, IMSA issued us a black flag because a corner worker saw fluid coming from our car. We came into the pits for a quick look, and everything was fine. Kyle went back out on track a lap down in 6th position and 19th overall."

"Through all the hard work from the Intersport guys," Brian concluded, "and some great driving from Kyle, we fought our way back to a 4th in class and 7th overall. We just missed the podium by less than a second."

The next round of the American Le Mans Series presented by Tequila Patrón is the American Le Mans Series powered by eStar.

-source: intersport racing

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