Lime Rock: Intersport Racing race report

Intersport Racing Snares Sixth Consecutive Podium with Second In Class At Lime Rock Detroit -- The ...

Intersport Racing Snares Sixth Consecutive Podium with Second In Class At Lime Rock

Detroit -- The #37 Intersport Racing Very Berry Exotics Judd Powered Creation LMP2 car, piloted by Clint Field, Jon Field and Richard Berry took full advantage of Audi's miscue at the American Le Mans Series' Northeast Grand Prix and charged their way to the second spot on the podium at the legendary Lime Rock Park.

Though all did not go smoothly on the rough and tumble terrain as the track and traffic took a toll on the cars, drivers and crews. Clint Field suffered damage and a flat tire after getting hit in the left rear during the latter stage of the race.

"Wow... it was rough out there," exclaimed Clint as he climbed from the car. "I think I got hit four times.. but it sure was a lot of fun! We were pretty quick through the big turns and down the front straight. Though getting through the chicane was basically dial-thrill. You'd get up in the air and then wait to see where you came down. It was pretty wild."

Jon Field concurred with Clint.

"It's such a blast coming down the hill into the last turn and onto the front straight," said Jon. "But if you're two wide, you don't want to be on the outside. The inside line is so rough that the car will porpoise at the apex. Like Clint said, you're not sure how you're going to land. So if your two wide, the guy on the outside really needs to lift or he might end up being a spectator in the whole deal."

Lime Rock, celebrating its 50th Anniversary, saw a huge spectator turnout for the American Le Mans race raising speculation about the track retaining its date on the ALMS calendar. It's no secret, though, that competitors are not pleased with the condition of the track. Corvette driver, Johnny O'Connell, went so far as to question the safety of the facility in a recent post on his website.

"They're going to have to do something," stated Clint. "It's great to see this many fans come out to watch us race. The paddock was filled with spectators all day long and the autograph session was fantastic. It's a great place with truly knowledgeable and appreciative fans. But the track desperately needs resurfacing. It really chewed up a lot of equipment and may have even changed the outcome of the race."

The next round of the American Le Mans Series is considered home court for Intersport as the series heads to Mid-Ohio for the Acura Sports Car Challenge, July 20-21. The green flag will drop at 3:15PM EDT.

-credit: intersport racing

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