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Cosmo And Company Head North On A Mission Nothing would make Guy Cosmo happier than seeing the Extreme Speed Motorsports ...

Cosmo And Company Head North On A Mission

Nothing would make Guy Cosmo happier than seeing the Extreme Speed Motorsports #02 Patrón Ferrari celebrate on the podium at the American Le Mans Series presented byTequila Patrón Northeast Grand Prix at Lime Rock Park July 23-24.

After enjoying solid results in the first three races of ESM's inaugural season, the team experienced their fair share of challenges at the Utah Grand Prix earlier thismonth. While it's not unusual for new teams to experience growing pains, it was uncharted territory for Extreme Speed's topflight crew.

"Utah is behind us," exclaimed a determined Guy Cosmo. "It's been reviewed and put to bed. We go forward from here and I'm confident our guys will make the necessaryadjustments both on and off the track. We're all pros... and while we might be a new team, this is not our first rodeo. We're not going to allow being a new team to be aviable excuse. Excuses don't win races. So our focus is directed toward Lime Rock and getting these Ferraris to the front."

While the ALMS has been enjoying large entries and full grids in 2010, the term 'full grid' becomes very significant when the Series gets to Lime Rock Park. Lime Rock isthe shortest track on the calendar at just under 1.6 miles long. Last year's overall pole time was 46.97 seconds and the average speed was 122 mph. And with only one leftturn on the entire track, teams find themselves thinking in terms of an oval-like setup.

Think high-speed traffic jam. Drivers at Lime Rock will make the least amount of gear changes (16) per lap and run at full throttle 61% of the time. There are seven turnsin all. That said, it's a spectacular battle ground for the scrappy GT2 cars.

"I'm really looking forward to climbing in the Ferrari at Lime Rock," said Cosmo, ALMS 2005 Rookie of the Year. "Traffic is going to be an issue, for sure... but if you canbreak into the clear, it's going to be the ride of a lifetime. You just know when a car is going to suit a track. I think the ESM Patrón Ferrari will be well suited."

Originally hailing from the New York area, Cosmo sees Lime Rock as a homecoming of sorts. Much of Guy's early racing took place in the Northeast and Lime Rock was verymuch like home.

"It's great being back at Lime Rock," added Guy. "It's just like being home. I spent a lot of time here and have lots of friends and family in the area. The best part willbe having my dad hanging out with us. He and I had some of the best times of our lives racing and hanging around at Lime Rock. It's pretty special."


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