How to win an ALMS race in Long Beach? Sit with us!

Prior to the start of action at the Grand Prix of Long Beach the media were invited to a luncheon to meet some of the American Le Mans Series drivers.

Most drivers and their crews work really hard to successfully compete at major racing venues such as the Streets of Long Beach. Many hours are spent practicing pit stops, coming up with the exactly right set up, and developing strategies. Drivers have to train like crazy. The end result is usually something that looks easy and is awesome to watch.

But, I am here to tell you that all this work is no longer necessary, at least for sports car racing. And, it does not apply to Muscle Milk Pickett Racing’s Klaus Graf and Lucas Luhr. We believe that these guys could win riding a pink Vespa regardless of what the other teams brought to race. But, for everyone else, we suggest you sit with us at the Media Lunch. It did wonders for two teams, and we are taking full credit for making these wins happen. Their crews’ hard work had nothing whatsoever to do with their achieving class wins at Saturday’s ALMS. I’ll explain.

In the olden days, drivers were sprinkled around the tent at the Media Lunch so that nearly everyone had a driver or two at their tables like so much pixie dust. Since then, there is a newfangled way to run this event which involves giving drivers reserved tables so it was possible that there were few drivers at any non-reserved tables. However, if you have ever tried to get drivers to do anything, you will know that trying to get them to do something you want them to do is a lot like herding cats. Which means that, we ended up with lots of drivers at our table. Meow.

GT podium: winners Bill Auberlen, Maxime Martin, second place Dirk Müller, Joey Hand, third place Marc Goossens, Dominik Farnbacher
GT podium: winners Bill Auberlen, Maxime Martin, second place Dirk Müller, Joey Hand, third place Marc Goossens, Dominik Farnbacher

Photo by: Jeff Davidson

First to arrive was BMW RLL Racing’s Bill Auberlen. He asked if he could join us, we said yes, and we determined he had once lived close to us in West Hawthorne. We bestowed upon him the magic mojo that allowed him to win, which indeed he did on Saturday. He won the GT Class thanks to us. Purr. Next to join us was Patron Racing’s Guy Cosmo. Undoubtedly, the swirling pixie dust drew him. We talked about how we had met our spouses while they were our friends. This exchange caused Guy Cosmo and his teammate Scott Sharp to win the P2 class by over a lap, all without any efforts on their parts. Amazing, huh? Meow.

Unfortunately, there was not enough of the good stuff left to allow our good friend, Tommy Drissi to win in his Prototype Challenge, even though he did sit with us. Instead the win went to Core Autosport car #05. This was, of course, not our fault. And, it was also not our doing that the #30 car for NGT Motorsport that won the GTC class. They must have used the things that other racers use to win, all that hard work and stuff. We are very willing to help them win more easily next year!

So, remember, sports car drivers! Our names are Jeff and Lisa Davidson. In order to win at Long Beach, you need to sit at our table at the Media Lunch in order to win here. Unless you want to do all that hard work and stuff and even then, there is no guarantee!

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