Chromo zone

Latest picture on my screen saver 2012-11-07: art director Eric Gilbert presents the photos that he actually uses as screen savers (and that he has actually shot, also). He presents those photos on his personal Facebook page and is now sharing them on Enjoy.

American Le Mans Series, Petit Le Mans, Road Atlanta, 2012-10-20.

Chromo zone.

I'll tell you all a little photographer secret: some race cars do get photographed more than others. It's in their genes. At the end of a standard shooting day, and all other things being equal, I will always get more frames of some cars over others. Blame it on their sheer beauty, their shapes, or even their prestige and history.

But one important factor is their color. Some colors just grab more attention than others, on a race car: red is a good example. And some colors don't work. For instance, brown is a no-no: in general, it doesn't look good, pure and simple. Black and white can be a bit difficult, too. Sometimes they work, but in general, those 'colors' (or absence of…) look dull. The color finish is also critical: any flat color is bad - note that I carefully used 'flat' as opposed to 'matte' as matte black is quite in vogue these days.

Another color in vogue these days, or should I say, a 'color finish' in vogue, is a chrome treatment. Title sponsor Patron made the right move at the last Petit Le Mans to promote its new 'beverage' by having a full silver chrome treatment on the two Extreme Speed Motorsports Ferrari F458 Italia. These cars were spectacular and looked good under any situation or light conditions. And seen here in full contrast with the black backdrop of the Road Atlanta night, it's absolutely sexy.

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