Extreme Speed Motorsports Ready For Mosport ALMS Challenge

Extreme Speed Motorsports Ready For Mosport ALMS Challenge

Mosport International Raceway

Extreme Speed Motorsports ready to take on the high speed challenge of Mosport with enthusiasm and skill

The "Extreme Team" flying the renowned black and green Tequila Patrón livery, powered with some serious Italian muscle, and piloted by accomplished and enthusiastic talent, plans to make a charge forward in the GT points battle this weekend at the complicated and taxing circuit of Mosport International Raceway.

It's the ultimate challenge and one that I'm salivating for this week.

Guy Cosmo

The 2.459-mile permanent road course plays host to several elevation changes and has no shortage of high speed blind corners, designed to make the most of any driver-even the veterans piloting the No. 01 and 02 Tequila Patrón Ferrari's.

The team is confident that they are ready to take on the challenge and risk that the circuit brings, having placed both cars just out of the top five in the GT class at Mosport last year.

The combination of Scott Sharp and Johannes van Overbeek in the 01 car promises to be quick, having threaded their way through the competition last year to wind up 6th overall in the GT class.

The energy and experience carried by the team of Guy Cosmo and Ed Brown will be an asset as the 02 car takes to track for practice on Saturday and both drivers are looking forward to the thrill ride as they strive to improve their position within the point's championship.

Currently tied for fifth position in the overall GT standings, the team is neck and neck with Risi Competizione and hopes to use Mosport as launch pad to gain momentum as they enter the midpoint of the season for the American Le Mans Series presented by Tequila Patrón.

In the drivers seat:

Johannes van Overbeek, driver of the No. 01 Tequila Patrón, Ferrari 458 Italia

"Mosport will be a thrill to drive in the ESM/Patron Ferrari 458. Scott and I had a good run last year and we plan on generating another good run there this year. Our team has never been better; our stops are solid and our strategy has been spot on. We'll fight to the end and hope that racing luck is on our side. I can't wait to drink some Patrón on the podium Sunday afternoon!"

Scott Sharp, driver of the No. 01 Tequila Patrón, Ferrari 458 Italia

Johannes van Overbeek and Scott Sharp
Johannes van Overbeek and Scott Sharp

Photo by: Eric Gilbert

"I cannot wait to get to Mosport, it is a dying breed of race track; high speed, daunting and exciting for everyone. In order to go fast at Mosport it requires a ton of risk taking. It is one of the few tracks on the schedule that makes you sit up on your seat. While so much of the world is sometimes too concerned about safety and slowing cars down (chicanes to slow high speed corners), Mosport has left this hair-raising track of the 70's and 80's largely untouched. The Patrón/ESM team performed well last year here at this track, and with all of our effort it should be lynch-pin for the rest of the schedule. "

Guy Cosmo, driver of the No. 02 Tequila Patrón, Ferrari 458 Italia

"Mosport is one of my favorite race tracks. As I've always said, Mosport was built back when men were men. This place really separates the men from the boys with its blind, high-speed, flat-out corners with massive elevation changes. It's the ultimate challenge and one that I'm salivating for this week."

"Last year our #02 F430 Ferrari was very fast, thanks to my engineer Jim Malicki and the #02 ESM crew. We're looking to repeat that magic and turn it into a good result this week. Ed (Brown) has really developed as a driver and already been significantly faster at the races this year compared to last. With his increasing performance and our continued development as a team, I know some good results are on the way."

Ed Brown, driver of the No. 02 Tequila Patrón, Ferrari 458 Italia

"I'm really looking forward to this weeks race at Mosport. Last year was the first time I've ever been on the track and I really like the track. The team has worked very hard to prepare the car so my teammate and I are looking for a strong finish!"

Extreme Speed Motorsports is sponsored by Tequila Patrón, along with support from Ferrari Corse Clienti and the team's official tire technical partner Michelin.

Patrón, a longtime supporter of motorsports racing, is also the presenting sponsor of the full American Le Mans Series.

by: esm

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