Adelaide - hour two report

Adelaide - hour two report
Dec 31, 2000, 11:45 PM

Local star Greg Murphy has climbed aboard the ...

Local star Greg Murphy has climbed aboard the #12 Panoz for his first stint as the trio of local heroes continue their "crocodile hunt" - chasing race leader Allan McNish.

After two hours, the race positions at the front remained unchanged with McNish still holding the lead ahead of Audi team-mate Frank Biela.

David Brabham handed over the #12 to Murphy after completing a double stint in the car.

"I was able to hold on to the Audis early in the race until the tyres started to loose a bit of grip," Brabham said.

"The Audi is easier on its rubber than our car, so we decided to make a tyre change at the first fuel stop rather than push them through two stints. I had a close call at one stage with a GT car, but we just have to keep pushing hard."

Karl Wendlinger has taken over the lead in the Oreca team Viper in the GTS division, while Milka Duno has climbed aboard the Chamberlain Viper in third spot.

Dirk Muller has also taken over from Lucas Luhr to continue to hold the lead in GT, while team-mate Bob Wollek received a set-back when his Porsche suffered a flat tyre.


PROTOTYPE DIVISION 1. Allan McNish, Audi 72 laps

2. Frank Biela, Audi 71 laps

3. Greg Murphy, Panoz 70 laps

GTS DIVISION 1. Karl Wendlinger, 8th outright Chrysler Viper 63 laps

2. Jean-Phillipe Belloc, 10th outright Chrysler Viper 62 laps

3. Milka Duno, 19th outright Chrysler Viper 58 laps

GT DIVISION 1. Dirk Muller 9th outright Porsche GT3-R 62 laps

2. Anthony Lazzaro 11th outright BMW M3 62 laps

3. Mike Fitzgerald 12th outright Porsche GT3-R 62 laps

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