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Alan Kulwicki Alan Kulwicki
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15 Year Scotts Valley, CA Late Model Racer Bryce Napier
Team BTM - Josh Mabie, Michael Shawhan, Brad McClure, Step Pope, Kurt Kalb and Max BTM Champions Michael Shawhan & Brad McClure
Harumi McClure, Brad McClure, Bill Shawhan & Mike Shawhan Jake Koens pulls the offending axel out of Mike Shawhan's #11 JSR stock car
The JSR crew dives underneath Thomas Martin's #5 ride to fix the tranny rods transmission issues
Gas stop Pit stop for the #5 & 15
Mike Cesario Mike Shawhan's #11 is ready to run
JSR Crew Chief RJ Godett Thomas Martin's #5
Bill Shawhan & Jake Koens Charlie Silva gets Jack ready to race
Thomas Martin gets best wishes from Sonoma President Steve Paige Michael Shawhan
Jack Sellers meets the Sonoma Race Princess Jack Sellers share a laugh with Mike & Melissa Shawhan & Brad McClure
Tommy Baldwin & Mike Cesario Bill Shawhan & Mike Shawhan
Mike Cesario & Jake Koens Mike Shawhan & jake Koens
Brad & Harumi McClure Robin Osborne, Steve Ertzner & Mike Cesario
Mike puts DMC decals on while Robin & Steve look on Steve Ertzner, Lee Schwartz, Mike Cesario & Brad McClure of BTM Motorwerks
Mike Shawhan's crew moves his #11 back in line Thomas's crew moves the #5 to the qualifying lineup
Thomas Martin's #5 in the tech line Thomas Martin's #5 Jack Sellers Racing Stock Car
Jack Sellers #15 #5 in tech
Thomas Martin Jack Sellers Racing #11
Thomas Martin, Michael Shawhan & Bill Shawhan View from the Rear of the Racers Drive Supported Jack Sellers stock car of Michael Shawhan