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Album: Laguna Seca ALMS, GT3 Cup & IMSA Lights

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Brett Sandberg's TruSpeed Porsche Brett chases in the corkscrew
Sean Rayhall race winning IMSA Lights ride 1368454614
Ellie at the corkscrew Ellie in the pit lane
Flying Lizard Porsche Marc Phaneuf of MOMO
NGT Porsche & the MOMO Grid Girls Rebellion Prototype
Ryan Booth's IMSA Lights Ride Expectant parents Tomy & Lacey Drissi
Tomy & the BAR1 LMPC Prototype CORE LMPC Prototype
Lucas Luhr Andy Myrick & Mike Cesario
DeltaWing Karen Booth watches over her son, Ryan.
Jens & Mike Brett's Porsche in the corkscrew
Brett Sandberg PR1/Mathiasen LMPC Prototype
Rebellion LMP1 Prototype Pickett LMP1 Prototype
Michael Guasch, Lisa Simoni & Duncan Ende Dustin Montenaro stands by his BAR1 LMPC Prototype
1368454653 MOMO grid girls
Katherine Legge 1368454659
Rebellion leads 1368454661
DeltaWing Close LMPC battles
DeltaWing tried to go by a wide GTC Porsche McDreamy holding up a few prototypes
Dustin & the BAR1 crew lineup for the pre race ceremonies Ellie paces out the IMSA Lights pre race grid