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Ryan Negri The Classy MOMO Grid Girls stopped by to wish Carlos good luck prior to Race #2 in Daytona
Carlos and the MOMO Grid Girls Just enough Ferrari red for Carlos Kauffmann and the MOMO Grid Girls
Rudy Courtade and Alan Tackman Carlos Kauffmann & AGM Team Principal Ryan Negri
Ferrari Challenge Drivers Carlos Kauffmann, Travis Low & Ryan Negri
The Auto Gallery Motorsports Competition Director, Rudy Courtade adjusts the camera. Travis Low and John Farano
Concerned looks from Rudy Courtade and Travis Low Dave Cortez torques the left front wheel on John Farano's Ferrari Challenge 458 Italia GT
Victory Lane photo op frenzy for AGM supported drivers, Carlos Kauffmann and John Farano. Mike Zaffee at work.
AGM's Don Cameron gets Carlos Kauffmann ready for his run. John Farano and Carlos Kauffmann share the victory lane tributes
John Farano - Race 1 Interview The Auto Gallery Motorsports Team Hauler
A fast grid from front to back. AGM Competition Director, Rudy Courtade, checks out the data download.
Chassis adjustments on Carlos Kauffmann's #24 Race Start
Front of the Saturday morning race grid John Farano and Carlos Kauffmann - Race 1 Victory Lane Celebration
Carlos Kauffmann and John Farano lead the Race 1 Victory Lane Celebration Carlos, Rudy, John, Ryan and Travis confer on pit lane.
Carlos Kauffmann Leads the Race 1 Podium celebration AGM Car chief Dave Cortes helps John Farano get buckled in.
John Farano gets ready to motor out onto the Daytona high banks. John Farano and Dave Cameron
Carlos Kauffmann is all smiles in Race 2 Victory Lane Dave Cameron, Don Cameron & Dave Cortes - Trophy shot
1361058157 AGM Ferrari's on Pit Lane
Big thumbs up from Dave Cortes 1361058162
John Farano's #24 1361058155
1361324627 Happy smiles from Carlos in Victory Lane
1361058159 1361058148
1361324621 1361058127
1361058129 Carlos has his hands full in Race 2 Victory Lane
1361324612 1361058153