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A Yamaha Tech 3 pit board operator Francois Duval
2014 side pods new regulation Tab Boyd
Ashwin Sundar Red Bull RB10 nose detailed
Brian France (L), CEO and Chairman of NASCAR, puts the Hall of Fame jacket on inductee Jack Ingram
Jack Ingram Danny Watts, United Autosports
Ryan Preece Jérome Grosset-Janin, Renault Clio
Cherie Putnam, NASCAR Pinty's Series Director
Jennifer Jo Cobb Grave Digger
Mercedes engine layout, side view Mercedes engine layout, captioned
Miguel Oliveira, Mahindra Racing Matteo Ferrari, San Carlo Team Italia
Brad Binder, Ambrogio Racing Alessandro Tonucci, CIP Moto3
Akinori Ogata, Toyota Akinori Ogata
Phil Read Scott Russell
Nico Rosberg, Mercedes AMG F1 after finishing 2nd in the World Championship Race winner Nico Rosberg, Mercedes AMG F1
Ferrari F14T gearbox - blue box indicates location of MGUK and green box the turbo Ferrari F14T gearbox (top) in comparison with F138 (below) blue box indicates location of MGUK and green box indicates location of turbo
DUPLICATE: Mercedes W05 chassis comparison with potential for step in regualtions DUPLICATE: Force India VJM07 nose and front wing
DUPLICATE: Force India VJM07 nose DUPLICATE: Force India VJM09 front wing and nose
Red Bull RB10 rear wing DUPLICATE: Mercedes W05 monkey seat
DUPLICATE: Red Bull RB10 floor DUPLICATE: Williams FW36 side view
DUPLICATE: Force India VJM07 rear wing Mercedes W05 detailing PU106 powerunit installation, turbo compressor arrowed inset
Mercedes W05 with PU106 installation.  Yellow circle shows general location of chargcooler and blue arrows the air moving around the inlet system, red arrows is heat rejected by the various coolers mounted at the back of the car 4 piston rear brake caliper
DUPLICATE: Lotus E22 floor hot air exit DUPLICATE: Force India VJM07 side view
DUPLICATE: Sauber C33 4 piston rear caliper Red Bull RB10 rear wing, no endplate louvres like inset
DUPLICATE: Toro Rosso ST9 exposed sidepod DUPLICATE: Sauber C33 rear 4 pot brake caliper