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Pirelli tyres detail of the Red Bull Racing RB9 Joey Bickers
Jake Eidson Kevin O'Hara
Mark Draghicescu Vincenzo Sospiri
Lining up Kevin O'Hara
Ashley Crossey Team USA
Lining up Joey Bickers
Joey Foster Joey Bickers
Jake Eidson and Joey Bickers
Jake Eidson
Robert Barrable
Lining up Joey Bickers
Lining up
Joey Bickers
Joey Bickers Adam Quartermaine
Jurgen Evers James Lovett
Josh Fisher Scott Hargrove
Michael Vergers David McArthur
Scott Hargrove Kevin O'Hara
Joey Foster
Joey Foster Andy Powell
Wayne Boyd Andy Powell
Ben Norton Jurgen Evers
James Cole
Marshals clearing water Jamesy Hagan
Stephen Daly
Adam Higgins
Matthew Wood
Kevin O'Hara Vincent Jay
Stuart Jones
Mark Draghicescu