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Raffaele Marciello Felix Rosenqvist
Podium, 2nd Felix Rosenqvist Felix Rosenqvist
3rd Alex Lynn
2nd Felix Rosenqvist
Winner Raffaele Marciello
Antonio Giovinazzi William Buller
Alex Lynn Tatiana Calderon
Felix Rosenqvist Raffaele Marciello
Raffaele Marciello Josh Hill
Josh Hill Josh Hill
Lucas Wolf Felix Rosenqvist
Josh Hill
Tatiana Calderon Alex Lynn
2nd Raffaele Marciello Felix Rosenqvist
3rd Lucas Auer
2nd Raffaele Marciello
Winner Felix Rosenqvist
Lucas Auer Harry Tincknell
Felix Rosenqvist William Buller
Safety Car after the 1st Lap Starting grid
Gerhard Berger
Gridgirl of Tom Blomqvist
Gridgirl of Mans Grenhagen Gridgirl of Raffaele Marciello
Raffaele Marciello Travor Carlin and Carlos Sainz Jr.
2nd Alex Lynn Winner Harry Tincknell
3rd Felix Rosenqvist
2nd Alex Lynn
Winner Harry Tincknell
Winner Harry Tincknell
Andre Rudersdorf Tom Blomqvist