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Mike van Sicklen Gennady Soykher
Groovy pitboard Bill Auberlen leads Roger Foo
Robert Mumm Will Turner
The start: Bill Auberlen leads Roger Foo The starting grid
Boris Said never reached the track after being involved in an accident at the end of pit lane when a Honda driven by Bob Endicott turned across pit out and directly into the path of Said’s accelerating M3 The start: Bill Auberlen leads Roger Foo
Phil McClure Boris Said
Thomas Oates Boris Said
Steve Goldin Adam Andretti
Tom Hollfelder Randy Pobst
Bill Auberlen Hans Stuck
Michael Galati Boris Said
Phil McClure Jim Rathmann and David Farmer
Rob Fellows Michael Culver
Steve Goldin Mike Fitzgerald
Randy Pobst Hans Stuck
Gennady Soykher Tom Hollfelder
Boris Said Boris Said
Bill Auberlen Randy Pobst
Hans Stuck Jimmy Adams and Tim Wiens
The man of the day Hans Stuck
Hans Stuck