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The podium: race winner Scott Pruett with Michael Lewis and Johnny Miller Race winner Scott Pruett
Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis Race winner Scott Pruett
Simon Gregg Stuart Hayner
Simon Gregg John Baucom
Michael Lewis Scott Pruett
Scott Pruett Scott Pruett
Scott Pruett leads the pack Johnny Miller
Johnny Miller Simon Gregg
Jorge Diaz Jr. Tomy Drissi
Race action Paul Gentilozzi
Stuart Hayner Michael Lewis
Max Lagod Jorge Diaz Jr.
Johnny Miller Stuart Hayner
Joey Scarallo Simon Gregg and Stuart Hayner
John Baucom Jerry Simmons
Simon Gregg Simon Gregg
Randy Ruhlman Johnny Miller
Bobby Sak Paul Gentilozzi
Glenn Andrew Max Lagod
John Baucom Jorge Diaz Jr.
Jerry Simmons Tomy Drissi
Scott Pruett Johnny Miller
Simon Gregg Charles Webster