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A STRANA demonstration truck. A STRANA demonstration truck.
Eric Curran's car
A good luck charm on the roof of Frank Selldorff's car
Frank Selldorff's office for the weekend, a Turner Motorsport BMW 325i Frank Selldorff's front splitter
Front of Frank Selldorff's car Is that a splitter or a bench?
Boris Said's car Interior of #6 PTG BMW M3
Hans Stuck's car
Team PTG pit area
Ralph Warren's car
Looking in the engine bay of Nic Jonsson's Tecmark Auto Sport BMW 325Ci STaSIS team owner Paul Lambert discusses car setup with the crew
STaSIS driver Jon Prall demonstrates the ALMS live timing system on a Nintendo Gameboy
Engine compartment of Jon Prall's #78 STaSIS Audi A4
Eric Curran's #2 TeamRTR Nissan Sentra Team FBR/Trans Sport crew member hard at work in the trunk while being captured by photographers
Will Turner's car
Zac Mazzotta's car got beaten up Boris Said's car waits in line for technical inspection