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The track announcers do not get the usual media perks Memo Gidley
Scott Pruett
Tomy Drissi
Scott Pruett
Memo Gidley
Bobby Sak
Scott Pruett
Memo Gidley Memo Gidley
Jorge Diaz Jr., Memo Gidley and Stuart Hayner Joey Scarallo, Boris Said and Johnny Miller
Grid before final practice Greg Pickett
Rick Lee Bobby Sak
Stuart Hayner Johnny Miller
John Baucom Scott Pruett
Memo Gidley Mike Davis
Kane Scott Jorge Diaz Jr.
Joey Scarallo Scott Pruett
George Nolte Randy Ruhlman and Johnny Miller
Memo Gidley Mike Davis and Kane Scott
Scott Pruett Greg Pickett and Bobby Sak
Tomy Drissi Joey Scarallo
Joey Scarallo and Memo Gidley Pace lap
Scott Pruett Tomy Drissi
Tomy Drissi George Nolte
Boris Said Memo Gidley