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Chronological photos :

Peters in the pits for final checks before the race The field in the pits before the race
The field in the pits before the race Konica get their share of the market through sponsorship of the series
Canto gives some last minute advice Riccardello gets final instructions
Youlden contemplates his race strategy
Winterbottom takes on some fluids before the race
Porter is proud to sport the Kiwi flag Millerís car gets the final treatment before the race
White, Winterbottom and Youlden celebrate Winterbottom takes the chequered flag
Winterbottom being interviewed by Stone Bros PR man Brett Murray
Youlden prepares for his media interview
Jones leads Miller across the line Porter in the pits for a front ësplitterí
Fernandez sporting the battle scars Mundy has his own cheer squad
Best waits patiently for a new front tyre Winterbottom on the front row of the grid
What would the grid be without the Konica girl
Riccardello prefers to wear his ërabbits footí charm
Hunt briefs his crew on the performance of the car following the race
Mark Winterbottom