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Nicky Hayden, Honda with Freddie Spencer Nicky Hayden, Honda
Nicky Hayden, Honda amasbk-2002-atl-sv-0134
amasbk-2002-atl-sv-0114 amasbk-2002-atl-sv-0113
amasbk-2002-atl-sv-0131 amasbk-2002-atl-sv-0127
Miguel Duhamel
Cigars for everyone
Race fans
Hot shoes! Nicky Hayden
Stunt show
Wheelie under bridge Gobert before spill
Miguel gets hooked up
RR World's Beth Wyse
Kevin Schwantz Aaron Yates into Turn 6
Eric Bostrum
Mid pack The Start
Nicky into Turn 6 Hooter's Barnes
Aaron Yates
Future winner
Nicky in Turn 10A Lee Acree
Aaron Yates Tom Kipp
Steve Rapp Mark Crozier
Jim Doerfler leads Lee Acree under bridge Adam Fergusson
Nicky in Turn 10B Geoff May
Mat Mladin Hayden
Race fan
Nicky Hayden
amasbk-2002-atl-sv-0141 amasbk-2002-atl-sv-0140
amasbk-2002-atl-sv-0139 amasbk-2002-atl-sv-0138
amasbk-2002-atl-sv-0137 amasbk-2002-atl-sv-0136
amasbk-2002-atl-sv-0135 amasbk-2002-atl-sv-0133