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A final adjustment to Tony Pedregon's funny car Angelle Savoie
Angelle Savoie Dean Skuza's body starting to explode
Anton Brown defeats Craig Treble I guess after trashing the engine, the Weis team decided to trash the car, they just couldn't get it to fit into the trash container
Motorsport.com journalist Jim Donnelly Forever Red
Kenny will be turning the car over to his son next year The Bernsteins
All smiles among the fuel class winners Peter Biondo
Pro Stock final Greg Anderson vs. Jeg Coughlin Jr. Angelle Savoie
Reggie Brown Angelle Savoie
...and the added strain of dragging the chute blows the engine Scott Weis looses the laundry early...
Shawn Gann Geno Scali eyes the tree
Angelle Savoie Angelle Savoie
Angelle Savoie Tommy Miceli waits for the green
Sam Hurwitz The view down the lane from Sam Hurwitz' visor
Steve Johnson Steve Johnson concentrates on the tree
Scotty Cannon's heat ripples ...then Del goes up in serious smoke
...the tires starting to haze... Del Worsham launching...
Picking up the pieces of Dean Skuza's car Cruz Pedregon
Larry Dixon The boss congratulates Densham
Larry Dixon falls behind Kenny Bernstein Bruce Sarver goes up in smoke and the race goes to Gary Densham
Gary Densham concentrates Kenny Bernstein waits for his final final at Englishtown
Angelle Savoie starts late and the round goes to Anton Brown Larry Dixon prepares for the next round
Greg Anderson took the Pro Stock title Larry Dixon's burn-out
Kenny Bernstein beats Jim Head to the launch Motorsport.com's Greg Gage presents EMPA's Driver of the Year trophy to John Force; this turned out to be the highlight of John's day
Warren Johnson