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Darrell Basham Greg Sarff in trouble
Waiting for pitstop
Tina Gordon Larry Hollenbeck
Nice cap Justin Labonte and Shelby Howard
Tim Mitchell Kevin McGuire
Todd Bowsher Shelby Howard
Working in the pits
Billy Venturini Doug Stevens and Damon Lusk
Chad Blount Mark Gibson
Robert Burroughs Frank Kimmel leading Chad Blount
Frank Kimmel Helmet for everyone
The start: Frank Kimmel and Chad Blount leading the pack Tina Gordon
Frank Kimmel Tim Turner
Andy Hillenburg Frank Kimmel
Tim Steele Tim Mitchell
Robert Burroughs Darrell Basham
Tina Gordon and Larry Hollenbeck Brent Sherman
Brad Smith Doug Stevens
Damon Lusk Tina Gordon
Tina Gordon Ron Cox
Larry Hollenbeck Damon Lusk