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David Vuillemin doing whoops Davis Vuillemin took 2nd. Place in 250cc
Ezra Lusk (lead) and Heath Voss (rear)
Sebastien Tortelli
Ricky Carmichael and Jeremy McGrath fly past the mechanic's area and get their lap times Start of the 250cc moto
Jamie Little
Ezra Lusk
Start of the 250cc moto Buddy Antunez (L) and Jeff Gibson (R)
Chad Reed
Mike Brown
The crowded skys of Atlanta
Kelly Smith (lead) and Mike Brown (rear)
Pile up at the start of the 125cc moto McGrath's mom and sister
Jeff Gibson
Jeremy McGrath
David Vuillemin
McGarth's mom
David Vuillemin
RC and McGarth McGrath's royal butt
Jeremy McGrath
McGrath gets a kiss from his mom
Ezra Lusk Kevin Crine
Ted Campbell Travis Pastrana
Mike Brown Travis Pastrana's entrance
Stephane Roncada
125cc scramble Damon Huffman
Kevin Crine
Joshua Woods
Branden Jesseman
Kevin Windham
Chad Reed and Damon Huffman RC and Mike Brown
Ricky Carmichael took an easy victory in Atlanta and puts him in a tight race for first place Jeremy McGrath was also racing with a touch of the flu
Jeremy McGrath was able to obtain his best finish in 2002 by cinching 3rd Ezra Lusk and Ernesto Fonseca crash in a tight turn