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Chronological photos :

Greg Ray Buddy Lazier
Billy Boat George Mack
George Mack and Alex Barron Jeff Ward
Airton Daré Buddy Lazier and Airton Daré
Buddy Lazier Alex Barron
Mark Dismore Richie Hearn
Greg Ray Sarah Fisher
Sam Schmidt Jeff Ward
Raul Boesel
A.J. Foyt
Robby McGehee in trouble Robby McGehee in trouble
Richie Hearn Robbie Buhl
Al Unser Jr.
Scott Sharp
Tomas Scheckter Scott Sharp
Robby McGehee Buddy Lazier
Alex Barron Robby McGehee
Sam Hornish Jr.
Airton Daré
Scott Sharp
Laurent Redon
Buddy Lazier Laurent Redon
Mark Dismore
Jon Herb