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Doug Glass Tray Batey
Shawn Stinnett Concentration!
Shawn Stinnett Doug Glass
Brian Stokes
Justin Adams Leaning way over in Turn 10B
Powering up the hill Leaning way over in Turn 10B
Under the bridge
Mike Smith Jeff Tigert
Charles Ivey Russell Masecar
Brett Woodard Vince Haskovac
Steve Breckenridge Mike Garofalo
Charles Ivey Mike Smith
Mike Diener Greg Moore
Audrey Ghia Audrey Ghia
Justin Adams Mark Thomas
Chris Normand
Jeff Walker Steve Breckenridge
Jeremy Dunn Road Atlanta Pit-in
Tray Batey leads John Haner under the bridge Shawn Conrad
Tom Wertman Scott Carpenter
Brian Musselman AR Hoshmandy