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Chris Dyson weaves the #16 Judd-engined Dallara, fielded by the Dyson Racing Team, through the curves of Virginia International Raceway's 3.27-mile road course during the VIR 500 Terry Borcheller, in the Rand Racing #8 Nissan-engined Lola, leads the field to the green flag at the start of the VIR 500
Mauro Baldi pilots the Doran Lista Racing #27 Judd-engined Dallara away from the Dyson Racing Team #16 Judd-powered Crawford at the midway point of the VIR 500
Andy Wallace peers into the rearview mirror of the #16 Judd-engined Crawford, fielded by Dyson Racing Team, while sitting on the grid at the VIR 500 The first-place Dyson Racing Team drivers and third-place Sezio Florida Race Team drivers show off their trophies during the VIR 500 Victory Lane celebration
Chris Dyson and Andy Wallace celebrate their VIR 500 win in Victory Lane
Chris Dyson and Andy Wallace exchange thumbs up as Wallace pulls the #16 Judd-powered Crawford into Victory Lane at Virginia International Raceway Andy Wallace in the #16 Judd-powered Crawford, fielded by the Dyson Racing Team, takes the checkered flag at the VIR 500
Andy Wallace at speed SPR class Ford-powered Norma
No 46 Mustang of Heritage Motorsports Ferrari 360 GT
Theys in Doran Racing’s Dallara Porsche-powered Lola
Scuderia Ferrari of Washington 360 GT Dyson Racing’s Judd-powered Crawford
Andy Wallace
Andy Wallace on false grid
Ford-powered Norma
SRP class Ford-powered Norma Porsches on false grid
Didier Theys in office
Didier Theys in Judd-powered Dallara
Pair of Porsches
Lined up on false grid Elliott Forbes-Robinson on false grid
EFR’s hat
EFR with Nissan-powered Pilbeam
Marcos Mantis nose
Marcos Mantis door panel Porsche-powered Lola wheeled to false grid
GT class Marcos Mantis The Racers Group Porsche GT3 R
The Racers Group Porsche GT3 R
The Racers Group Porsche GT3 R Mosler MT900R on false grid
Didier Theys
Didier Theys
Didier Theys prior to making start for Doran Lista
Mosler engine bay Rear of Mosler exposed
Rear of Mosler exposed on false grid
Perspective Racing’s Mosler MT900R Mosler MT900R