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Chronological photos :

First lap: Kenny Wilden leading the field First lap: Boris Said in the field
Johnny Miller and Michael Lewis battling Bob Ruman
Johnny Miller and Stuart Hayner Tomy Drissi
Michael Lewis Butch Leitzinger
Paul Gentilozzi Johnny Miller and Butch Leitzinger
Boris Said Butch Leitzinger
Greg Pickett Stuart Hayner
Boris Said Don Soenen
Tomy Drissi Paul Menard
Paul Gentilozzi Simon Gregg
Paul Gentilozzi Stuart Hayner
Paul Gentilozzi Tony Ave
Boris Said Butch Leitzinger
Boris Said Michael Lewis
Butch Leitzinger Johnny Miller and Stuart Hayner
Tony Ave Paul Menard
Jim Trotnow Stuart Hayner and Bob Ruman
Randy Ruhlman Tony Ave
Stuart Hayner and Bob Ruman Boris Said
Johnny Miller Randy Ruhlman
Paul Gentilozzi Michael Lewis
Stuart Hayner Johnny Miller
Bob Ruman Stuart Hayner
Stuart Hayner Stuart Hayner