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Chronological photos :

Cole Pearn John Fitzpatrick
Dave Jacombs John Fitzpatrick
Kevin Dowler Peter Gibbons
Joe Plazek Bill Rowse Jr.
Nik Lapcevich Peter Gibbons
Dave Whitlock Peter Gibbons
Ron Sheridan Joe Plazek
Jesse Kennedy Jesse Kennedy
D.J. Kennington and Mark Dilley Jesse Kennedy
Jesse Kennedy André Coursol
André Coursol Ron Sheridan
Ron Beauchamp Jr. Ron Beauchamp Jr.
Neil Fair Neil Fair
Robbie Thompson Kevin Dowler and Brad Graham
Pete Vanderwyst John Fitzpatrick
Peter Gibbons Peter Gibbons
Cole Pearn Kevin Dowler
Kerry Micks Joe Plazek
Mike Alguire Kevin Dowler
Kevin Dowler and Ron Beauchamp Jr. Joe Plazek
Joe Plazek Neil Fair
Neil Fair Neil Fair