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Democratic king maker, James Carville
Carville won the audience with,
Republican advisor, Frank Luntz
Carville and Luntz listen to a question from the audience Kenny Wallace, Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell (R-CO), Christopher Lencheski, Hayne Dominique
Classic car icon, Dennis Gage Dennis Gage proudly displays his SEMA commemorative cover
Dennis Gage and Motorsport.com photographer Greg Gage NHRA announcer Dave McClelland present a SEMA cover to George deBidart for bring the Grand Prix to DC
deBidart asks Dave McClelland for his autograph The Honorable John Dingell and Kenny Wallace exchange racing stories
SEMA Senior VP Christopher Kersting presents a SEMA cover to Dave McClelland Motor Week's Jennifer Khasnabis
Kenny Wallace and Dave McClellend show-off their SEMA covers