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Chronological photos :

Prior to the race each endurance Kart was prepped to matching perforance specs
John Dean of eventual 2nd place finishing The starting grid as they rolled out for the recon lap, at exactly 3 minutes till noon
The field takes the Even thru the nite the competition was tight
Linda Dame of BMW car club team/Tampa #10 puts in some nite laps Endurance Karts require tire changes too; Wayne Taylor over sees the Team Cadillac tire stop; the swap took 4 minutes and 20 seconds, and Warren Scheckter was back in the chase
Fuel stop require the engine off and the driver out of the Kart
Just like at Le Mans and Daytona, the hours between 2AM and sunrise seem to last forever Wesley McCloud of #19 Team Fastenal, puts in a nite stint
The Alex Job entrys saw familiar pit board signs, the same ones used at Daytona, Sebring and Le Mans
The NationsRent team #15 was from the local Ocala area and made a good showing in thier first major event John Dean takes turn 8 at speed on the way to a 2nd place finish for the
Warren Scheckter of Team Cadillac leaves the pits during the 22nd hour, leading the race by only 2 laps
Ricky (12) and Jordan (10) Taylor of Team Cadillac ready for the race to get under way
Under the watchful eye of the track marshal, Alex Job Racings #1 endurance Kart gets pit stop service David Huffman, lead driver for Team Fastenal puts the last few laps in before finishing 6th
Any 24 hour race requires lots of fuel and plenty of support workers scheduled
The #1 car of Alex Job racing, driven at sunrise by John Goff, managed a 3rd place finish after 24 hours The final corner of every lap is a long constant radius sweeper that leads to the front straight
With 51 second laps on a long 6/10th mile track, the front straight away was the only place to Ricky Taylor of Team Cadillac hold the
Notice how the design on the helmet of Jordan Taylor is the same motif as his brother Ricky, and Father Wayne, of Team Cadillac Non professional team award for these suits sporting the sponsor colors
Team Cadillac on the podium: Jordan, Ricky, and Wayne Taylor with team mates David Lipman and Warren Scheckter
2nd place finishers, the Team EasyStreet was Glenn Howle, John Dean, Phil  Van Tubbergh, Mark Gray, and Wayde Alfarone
Jordan Taylor takes the checkered flag for team Cadillac at 14 seconds past noon, and 5 laps ahead of the field