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Bobby Goldwater, President of the DC Sports and Entertainment Commission, Byran Herta, Butch Leitzinger, Robbie Knievel, Kim Alexis and Jonathan Holiff, President of the Hollywood Madison Group Chris Lencheski, founder and COB of the National Grand Prix Holdings, and Bill Hanbury, President of the Washington, DC Convention and Tourism Corporation, present the first ticket to two DC Council members
Chris Lencheski, Robbie Knievel and Bryan Herta display the event super pass Supermodel Kim Alexis signs the super pass
Kim Alexis and Robbie Knievel are ready to go racing Kim Alexis tries her hand behind the wheel
Robbie Knievel plans to make a recording making jump during the National Grand Prix
Kim Alexis will drive in a celebrity race
Kim Alexis tries her hand behind the wheel Reporter Rich Romer interviews Butch Leitzinger and Bryan Herta
Motorsport.com's Greg Gage with Robbie Knievel